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February 2016
Maestra London Launched
Dubai-based event production specialist
Maestra has announced the launch of
a new independently owned London
venture, which will be headed by
Justin Hammond, well known in the
event industry for his energetic style of
Maestra London has a new office and
warehouse premises at the high-profile
riverside Royal Arsenal development and
has made an initial half-a-million-pound
investment in new technology, which has
included the purchase of premium brand
audio and video equipment.
A full-time staff of ten plus Justin makes
the company immediately operational from 4th January 2016, with further equipment and
personnel to be announced in the New Year.
Maestra London will further embrace, develop and expand the imaginative flair and high
production values that has characterised Maestra Dubai.
Combined with the resources of the Dubai office – headed by Thomas Clements – this will
establish Maestra as a truly international creative production resource based in two vibrant
international cities, with a reach that facilitates work across Europe and the Middle East.
Thomas comments: “Justin’s vast experience in designing and producing innovative shows is
invaluable, together with his extensive contacts and great communication skills, he is the perfect
fit for Maestra. We look forward to delivering more of the very best brand experiences and live
events for a greater diversity of clients.”
Apart from the strategic locations as key business hubs, Maestra London and Maestra Dubai will
benefit from the potentials of sharing staff, knowledge and resources in both regions.
Justin has been at the helm of busy UK event production company PR Live for the last five
years. He commented: “Launching Maestra London is a fantastic opportunity to offer the highest
standards of international production throughout Europe and the Middle East. We will emphasise
our people-orientated model encapsulating a friendly, personal and thorough approach to client
handling whatever the size or scope of the project. We have some amazing creative talent on-
board and a truly fresh and inventive approach.”
This and the latest technologies available in both Europe and the Middle East will allow Maestra
London and Dubai to offer the best standards and continuity to all clients wherever their events
are located.
The launch of Maestra London also sees the release of a new Maestra logo and brand ident for
both companies.
In picture: Justin Hammond and Tom Clements.
Star spotting on Lip Sync Battle UK with Aurora
Television and entertainment lighting rental
specialist Aurora hit the stage with lighting
director Gurdip Mahal for Lip Sync Battle UK, the
new celebrity ‘mimefest’ from Channel 5.
Following the success of its US counterpart,
Production Company Whizz Kid kicked off
Lip Sync Battle UK with a brace of exclusive
performances from Alesha Dixon and David
Loading in to BBC Elstree Studios with
gaffer James Tinsley, Aurora kitted out the
performance area with a host of Vari-Lite fixtures including VL500, 2000 and 3000s to add colour
and movement across the stage. Clay Paky Mythos were added for their pin sharp spots and
powerful beam ability along with Martin’s Viper Performance for it’s superior framing, perfect for
key lighting the celebs in action.
Martin Rush Pars, SGM P5 and Phillips E Strips were woven in and around the set, highlighting
the set pieces and providing the LD with the flexibility to shift seamlessly between the show’s ‘live’
performances, introductory links and subjective comment from Professor Green’s ‘DJ’ booth.
ETC Source Fours and RJ Alex fixtures made sure the performers remained in the spotlight
Aurora worked closely with set designer Matthew Weekes and TV electrician Alan Doolan to
create a look that remained faithful to that of the US Show, incorporating an extensive selection
of set practicals and festoon to accentuate the tungsten warmth of the show.
The complex installation remained under the watchful eye of board operator Ross Williams who
put the High End Systems Hog 4 desk through its paces to stay on top of things.
Speaking about the show, Aurora managing director Nick Edwards said: “It’s always exciting to
be supporting a brand new show, particularly when its following on from major success overseas.
The intricate use of set practicals has been a challenge but I know that we are in safe hands with
Gurdip and his team taking care of proceedings.”
Syncrolite Purchases
Strong Lighting
Syncrolite, LLC and Ballantyne Strong Inc.
have announced that the assets associated
with Ballantyne Strong’s lighting business
have been sold to Syncrolite. Effective
from 21st December 2015, Syncrolite
assumed all operations, sales and support
associated with the industry’s foremost
family of followspots.
The Super Trouper and Gladiator
products will now be manufactured at
Syncrolite’s headquarters along with the
Skytracker family of outdoor advertising
and architectural lighting products. Strong
product support and repairs will be provided
by Syncrolite’s team of Xenon lighting
experts while parts and replacement lamps
will be shipped from their own centrally
located facility in Dallas, TX.
“The Strong name is familiar to everyone
in the entertainment lighting industry and
Syncrolite is proud to be in a position
to carry that tradition forward and take
Strong lighting products to the next
level,” commented Jerry Trojan, CEO of
Syncrolite. “Our deep knowledge of Xenon
lighting systems and our commitment to
customer service makes this move a win-
win for Syncrolite and all past and future
Strong lighting customers,” continued
When asked to comment, Paul Rabinovitz
director of product sales and marketing
said: “This marks a coming home for
me as I was vice president of lighting at
Ballantyne Strong for almost ten years.
I’m looking forward to reconnecting with
my many friends and customers in the
followspot world. I see great things ahead
for both the Strong lighting products and
Steve Washington, chief product officer of
Syncrolite observed: “Our purchase of the
assets of the Ballantyne Strong’s lighting
business is a great opportunity for us to
grow while re-energising the Strong brand
and servicing their large and loyal installed
base in the entertainment lighting industry.
The Super Trouper is the single most
popular followspot in the world and we
plan to honour and build on that heritage.”
Win a nanoScope
The first three lucky winners of the Artistic
Licence Win a nanoScope competition are
Brian Widdas, Ankush D Jain and Jomon
The competition is still running and more
nanoScopes are up for grabs – just
complete the simple survey from the link
for another
chance to win.
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