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Weekly News Headlines
Issue: 276
Injury stopping you
from working?
BTS UK provides
financial assistance to
industry professionals
who are ill or injured.
ABTT Responds to Growth in International Profile
As a membership charity,
the Association of British
Theatre Technicians (ABTT)
evaluate its activities and
where possible expand their
scope to meet its charitable
aims and benefit its
members and supporters.
With the UK Government
investing in creating opportunities for British businesses to participate and thrive in emerging
markets and with the ABTT growing at home, 2015 saw the organisation participating in new
initiatives abroad, developing prospects for both individual and corporate members to visit
new markets and to share best practice with fellow practitioners round the globe.
In the new Winter edition of Sightline, the Association’s journal of theatre technology and
design, received free by the ABTT membership, a number of these ventures are recorded.
Michael Anderson, chairman of the ABTT safety committee, writes about his visit to the
Korean Theatre Safety Symposium, where he spoke about the UK health and safety
legislative framework and the role the ABTT plays in producing a code of practice for the
theatre industry.
Duncan Kim, of the Theatre Safety Centre, a division of the Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL:
set up in the mid-1960s to serve the needs of all manufacturing, electronic and engineering
product compliance), heard Anderson’s presentation ‘CDM Regulations for the Entertainment
Industry’ at the ABTT Theatre Show in 2014, following his attendance in London that June for
the ABTT International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference 2014.
Kim invited Anderson to speak at the symposium, attended by Korean theatre owners,
technicians and managers, which was hosted by the Theatre Safety Centre: the TSC was
established in 2006 within KTL, specifically to implement and ensure compliance with
standards in the substantial Korean theatre and entertainment industries.
Stephen Snow of ABTT Gold Industry Supporters’ Group member Stage Technologies also
spoke at the symposium. Late in the day Duncan Kim had asked if the ABTT would also
provide a speaker to discuss the management and control of hydraulic systems for stage
engineering. The association was very pleased to be able to co-ordinate with one of its most
valued supporters to ensure that this second subject was appropriately covered.
The ABTT very gratefully received specific funding from UKTI to assist in the participation of
both Michael Anderson and Stephen Snow in the TSC symposium.
Stephen Snow also participated in the first ABTT supported delegation to attend Prolight +
Sound Shanghai as Visitors. Led by Paul Connolly of ABTT ISG member Theatreplan, and
who is also ABTT Sightline editor, the ABTT was able offer supported places to three ABTT
ISG members who took the opportunity to attend this trade show for the first time.
This initiative is to be repeated in 2016, with the ABTT now seeking applications from any
current or new member who wishes to attend (first timers only) Prolight + Sound Guangzhou
(29th February - 3rd March 2016) or the next Prolight + Sound Shanghai (26th - 29th October
A feature on the Hong Kong International Lighting Symposium, by Nick Peel of the Guildhall
School, also appears in Sightline, as well as articles on the refurbishment of Wilton’s Music
Hall, the creation of temporary spaces at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the new Quarry
Theatre at Bedford School and Portsmouth’s New Theatre Royal.
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