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February 2016
Cloud Z8 / Z4 MK4 Venue Zone
Mixers Shipping
Cloud is shipping its new
MK4 versions of the Industry
Standard Z8 and Z4 Venue
Zone Mixer.
The Z-Series of Venue Zone
Mixer from Cloud Electronics,
first introduced to the market in
2005, is established as the most
reliable solution for multi-zone
audio applications in hospitality,
leisure, retail and commercial
markets. The Z-Series offers
simple, intuitive control for end-users and straight forward installation
for system integrators but with flexibility to provide independent zone
source/volume selection per zone, paging per zone and independent
remote input options per zone, all from a reliable, tried and tested
analogue design.
The new MK4 versions have been developed directly as a result
of listening to existing installers and system integrators and adding
features to improve this already popular model. Whilst the familiar
front-panel remains almost untouched, the back-panel of the MK4
models have been re-engineered with a number of improvements.
XLR-microphone inputs are replaced by balanced phoenix style
connections for microphone 1-2 and analogue paging microphone, a
new digital paging interface with gain control has been added and
allows direct connection via RJ-45 of all Cloud’s Paging Microphones
and, if required, a link to multiple Zone Mixers.
Music source input connections have been upgraded to two RCA phono
connections and four balanced/unbalanced phoenix style connections.
An brand new SMPS has been incorporated in the new designs to allow
for many more Cloud LM-2 Active Input Plates to be used.
A music-mute contact (NO/NC) connection, standard on all Cloud
Zone-Mixer and Mixer-Amplifier products is included and optional
connection of analogue remote volume/source controls per zone are
also included.
The new Z8 and Z4 MK4 Venue Zone Mixers will both be exhibiting for
the first time at the forthcoming ISE 2016 exhibition in Amsterdam and
can be seen at the Cloud Electronics booth no.7-P170.
Unusual Rigging and Engineering
LLC welcomes Denis Bramhall to
Unusual Rigging and Engineering LLC, the
leading supplier of rigging and technical
solutions to the entertainment, exhibition,
architectural, event, TV and film industries
in the Middle East, has appointed Denis
Bramhall (pictured) as its new managing
partner. Denis, who has been with Unusual
Rigging for 15 years, takes over from Alan
Thomson who retires after nearly eight
Denis joined Unusual in 2000 from Tomcat,
as operations manager, taking on the role
of general manager in 2014. Based at
the company’s Northamptonshire headquarters in the UK, he has
overseen the company’s expansion, including the opening of a new
1200sqm facility in Autumn 2015.
Denis said: “The decision to take the job in Dubai was not an easy one;
the work Unusual Rigging does in the UK is inspiring and it’s been my
pleasure to work for a company that is held in such high regard across
the industry. From production managers to museum curators, event
organisers to television executives – no one can speak highly enough
of the work that the designers and riggers at Unusual carry out. The
Middle East is sure to present some very different projects and clients
and with that comes a new set of challenges which I look forward to,
supported by the great team in Dubai.”
Alan Thomson set up Unusual Rigging & Engineering LLC in Dubai
in 2008, and has been responsible for some jaw-dropping events
including the Dubai International Parachuting Championships, the
Dubai Airshow and the Dubai World Cup Opening Ceremony in 2014.
He commented: “The United Arab Emirates has been my home for
nearly eight years and I will be sad to leave the fantastic staff and
friends who have helped me to build our business in the Middle East,
but I am ready for a very different set of challenges! I wish Denis all
the very best as he takes the helm.”
Think Abele Becomes Movecat
Since the start of this year, Think Abele is trading under a new
name and has become Movecat. The development is not altogether
surprising, as the products and solutions of the Movecat brand are
nowadays better known than their manufacturer, Think Abele.
Andrew and Thomas Abele launched their own business in 1986,
initially distributing events equipment which they also supplied for
tours and installation projects. Later they began developing and
manufacturing powerful equipment and functional solutions in the
field of stage technology. For these, the brand Movecat was created
and it is upon these that the company has for some years now been
concentrating and for which it has built up a worldwide distribution
With the change of name has come a strengthening of the senior
management team and a reassignment of responsibilities, with CFO
Oliver Nachbauer now supporting COO Thomas Abele and CEO
Andrew Abele in the further expansion and internationalisation of the
In picture: The new management team of Thomas Abele,
Andrew Abele and Oliver Nachbauer.
The classic: reinvented by d&b
D&b audiotechnik has introduced
the B22 – a multi-purpose
The B22-SUB houses two 18”
neodymium drivers in a very
efficient bandpass horn design
producing high sound pressure
levels and an extended frequency
response. The B22 is a new take
on an old friend: the d&b audiotechnik B2-SUB. The B2 is well known
and loved around the world thanks to the signature sonic performance
and after over 20 years of service, it’s time for an update. Intended for
ground stacked applications, the omnidirectional B22-SUB promises
increased performance, a modern appearance and improved internal
cabinet bracing.
The B22-SUB is the largest d&b omnidirectional subwoofer, but when
used in multiples of three and in CSA mode (Cardioid Subwoofer
Array), they exhibit impressive rejection towards the rear. To increase
flexibility, the B22-SUB can also be operated in INFRA mode, which
extends the frequency response to supplement other d&b subwoofers.
When used as an infrabass system, the B22-SUB performs down
to 32Hz, with an upper operating range of 68Hz, compared to the
standard mode, which operates from 37Hz to 90Hz.
“The B2-SUB needs no introduction,” said d&b product manager
Marcus Bäumler. “Demand for the B2 has been constant since its
launch in 1994, but cabinet design and modelling has come a long
way since then. The B22-SUB exploits the high output power of the
d&b D80 amplifier to the full. It has familiar B2 characteristics, but with
higher performance and a modern twist.”
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