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Austrian Hire Company Chooses Adamson

Austrian Hire Company Chooses Adamson

MEB Veranstaltungstechnik is the first Adamson Metrix Partner in Austria. They are located in Leondig a town in Upper Austria near the city of Linz, with a beautiful view of the Alps. This small format sound and lighting hire company established by Martin Lang and Markus Six about 10 years ago employ freelancers as needed. Their main engagements are business and corporate events, design and installation services for permanent installations, and live performances for audiences as small as 100, upto a few thousand people.

This is why the Metrix touring system is such a great match for MEB Event Technology (Veranstaltungstechnik). The Metrix-t is a 5-degree, 2 way (3-way with sub) 8.5” enclosure, the series features a 15 degree ‘W’- wide angle enclosure, and a double 15” cardioid subwoofer for maximum flexibility.

MEB have worked with a few competitors’ pseudo line array enclosures before, but they weren’t a great fit for the diverse material and varied show sizes, and in addition one of the systems was an ageing model. They first heard the Adamson Metrix PA at a demo which took place in Munich, Germany. Adamson’s Austrian representative Günther Huemer was then provided a demo for a live event, which lead to the decision to purchase a Metrix system, the first into Austria. “We heard things in the sound that we had never heard before, the system sounded really clear and specific.” explains Martin. The purchase was paired with some Point Series enclosures Martin Lang describes as “incredible”.

“It was really a hard decision for us to pick the right PA-System for the future of our company, it’s always hard to be the first with a system in an area, but we couldn’t have chosen a better one. We love the Metrix and the Point Series, and the reaction to the soundis always positive, most comment on smoothness of the spectrum of the systems distribution of all frequencies.” concludes Martin.

The very first gig took place on June 16th and 17th in Traun, Austria. The event was the ‘US Car Meeting 2012’; the largest of its kind in Austria. In short, it’s a Classic American Car show, where cars are displayed as the main draw, and where a presenter gives the details of each, on top of which they have canned music playing during the 2 days of the show. The main audience area on a flat grass field was about 60meters (200ft) wide by 50meters (165ft) deep. The attendance was about 2000 people with a few hundred cars thrown in the mix.The system was able to cover the whole area for the duration of the event with using less power. Previously a combination of 18” subs with 15”/2” tops were used in conjunction with side fills and delay. This year all that was used was a 4-box per side Metrix system, loaded on a pair of Metrix Subs per side, and angled just a few degrees out. The system was powered with Lab.gruppen PLM10000Q amps to which Martin comments: “we don’t use any other amps anymore”.

The next show for the system took place at the Austrian capital, Vienna. The city boasts the country’s largest outdoor festival “DonauInsel Fest’ or “Danube Island Festival”, where a whopping 3 million people visit the famous event every summer. The festival takes place on the Danube Island just in the outskirts of Vienna. There are many stages, and this year MEB’sMetrix System was featured on the small SJ Stage. The system featured 6 Metrix-t boxes stacked on Metrix Sub-t's per side, with a single T21 Sub placed in the middle for additional bass and with Point 8 boxes used as front fills. Two Adamson M15 and M12 boxes were on used for monitoring on stage. The sound design was done by Klaus Hübner of Soundworx using Adamson's Shooter v.2.8.4. Klaus Hübner is a well-known FOH Engineer and Sound Designer and had the following to comment: "The output of such a small system was higher than what I expected; I couldn’t drive the PA to the maximum, because the output was loud enough, and I like it loud. A well balanced sound with good SPL and the setup and tuning was quick and without big EQ corrections.” The stage featured Rock and DJ's on Day one, Funk on Day 2 and Metal on the last day. Martin Lang who acted as a systems Engineer for the event commented: "On that last day, we delivered over 117dB(c-weighted) at the FOH position and further away with this system! Absolutely stunning! The T21 did a great job providing all the ultralow frequencies for the rocking crowd."

 In picture: Markus Six and Martin Lang.

20th July 2012

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