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ETC Expands Again

ETC Expands Again
ETC Expands Again

In the last few years, ETC has entered new markets, introduced dozens of products, surpassed three million Source Four luminaire sales and gained new customers worldwide. To keep the pace of this steady growth, ETC is expanding its office in New York City and opening a new factory in Wisconsin.

“Our New York office is in the heart of the theatre district,” says ETC CEO Fred Foster, “and we want to get the most out of the location. We’re using it to support the local community, by opening our doors to lighting professionals to drop in and experiment with new products and collaborate on projects.” The renovated office is twice its previous size and includes state-of-the-art demo and training rooms, product labs and working lounges, where visitors have access to all of the latest ETC technology.

Like Town Square in ETC’s headquarters in Wisconsin and The Playhouse at Gypsy Corner in the company’s London office, the New York office is themed. ETC Scenic Designer Kate Foster dreamt up a motif for the space fitting of its Broadway surroundings, and it was officially unveiled on 11 December, when ETC hosted its annual open day.

The factory in Mazomanie, Wisconsin – 17 miles (37km) from ETC’s head office – is a 33,000 square metre building which will primarily be used for manufacturing and storage, with the remaining space open for further expansion. “We’re designing the new building in the same spirit as our factory in Middleton,” explains ETC President Dick Titus. “It will have lots of light, comfortable workspaces and common areas for employees to gather for informal meetings.” The structure will house assembly for distribution and rigging products (currently available for purchase only in North America), offices for support staff, a woodwork area for trade stand construction and a studio for video and photo shoots.

“With both of these expansions, we’re looking toward the future,” says Foster. “They’ll help us continue our mission to provide the best products and services for our customers.”

In picture: Dozens of industry professionals turned out to the ETC New York office open house to mingle and get the first look at the renovation

20th December 2013

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