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HES Announces Russian Support Site

Moscow – HES has announced the launch of a new support, service and HOG community portal for Russian speaking markets. The portal can be accessed by going to bluedot.gif WWW.HOGHOG.RU.

The portal will be a place for Russian speaking Hog users to find information about software releases and new products as well as a place to share ideas and network. Hog release notes and news will all be translated into Russian, allowing the user to get closer to the Hog family.

The bluedot.gif HOGHOG.RU team is a community of professional users from the countries of the former USSR. This project gives the chance to share knowledge and to provide an extra level of support for the HOG4 operating system.

“bluedot.gif HOGHOG.RU has been created with the help of several leading pros in the industry for sharing their knowledge and experience for the next generations. It’s a sort of a practical wikipedia for HOG users/customers,” says Dimitry Rumyantsev from SIM.”

“We are very excited to see the launch of this online community as it will serve to share knowledge and best practice amongst our Russian speaking Hog users and we support this initiative and others like them wholeheartedly,” says Chris Ferrante, director of product management at High End Systems.

12th December 2013

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