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HHB Helps Customers Comply with Loudness Broadcast Standards with Nugen plug-ins

HHB Helps Customers Comply with Loudness Broadcast Standards with Nugen plug-ins

UK - HHB Communications Ltd. has supplied Nugen Audio plug-ins to ITV, National Geographic, FX UK channels, audio post specialists Vaudeville, The Farm Group and many more to assist them in complying with international loudness broadcast standards.

HHB’s Soho-based audio post subsidiary Scrub has recently provided ITV plc with a combination of over 20 Nugen plug-in licences, including the Vis-LM Loudness Meter plug-in, the Loudness Toolkit plug-in bundle and the Complete Loudness bundle for their audio post production and Avid Media Composer suites in Media City, UK.

ITV London dubbing mixer Sam Wansborough has used the Vis LM-H for ITU-R BS.1770 compliance with 3s integration on promotional material for Channel 4 and for double-checking the overall meter readings for National Geographic programmes. He comments: “Nugen plug-ins offer very accurate and clear feedback that makes it a lot easier to mix naturally to loudness, rather than reacting by trying to hit a target all the time. This level of detail allows you to accurately determine the parameters with clear resolution. Write enabling the meter readings into the automation lanes also helps to quickly and easily locate and identify problems.”

Director of operations for Fox International Channels UK Simon Brett relies on Nugen’s LM-Correct Loudness Correction plug-in extensively, both as a standalone application and within Media Composer and Pro Tools environments. He explains: “We initially used LM-Correct to ensure compliance with EBU R128 for our short form ad and promo delivery. The recent adoption of EBU standards in the DPP specification has brought loudness to the forefront as an issue that needs to be addressed without taking up valuable time in an audio suite. Having the ability to export WAVs from Avid to correct via the standalone app or the RTAS plug-in has allowed us to ensure that we meet the DPP’s requirements. I have found the software to be reliable, accurate and a faster-than-real-time solution that has not added a significant increase in job duration.”

Audio post specialists Vaudeville utilise the Nugen Loudness Toolkit on all of their systems. Vaudeville Managing Director Daniel Jones confirms: “We have had Nugen plug-ins integrated into our session templates for the last couple of years and find them invaluable, go-to plug-ins that are effective and easy to use.”

Scrub head of sales Ben Scully comments: “Nugen offers a variety of plug-ins that are extremely popular with our clients in audio post production. They are feature rich applications that offer accurate loudness metering and correction with speed and efficiency.”

In picture: Nugen Audio’s plug-ins address loudness metering and correction with speed and efficiency.

18th December 2013

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