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Yamaha CL3s Are iCity Slickers

Yamaha CL3s Are iCity Slickers
Yamaha CL3s Are iCity Slickers

The feelgood factor of the 2012 London Olympics may have faded, but its legacy lives on from the state-of-the-art facilities installed to host it. Key amongst these is the former International Broadcast Centre, now transformed as iCity - the home of BT Sport, where five Yamaha CL3 digital mixing consoles are helping to deliver high quality sporting action, both on television and online.

iCity is a thriving business, broadcast, data and educational centre, put firmly on the map by the launch of the BT Sport channels in the summer of 2013. Offering fans a choice of live football and other sports from around the world, chat shows and in-depth sporting reportage, the launch of BT Sport undoubtedly made other broadcasters sit up and take notice.

The technical fit out of the broadcast centre was done by leading systems integrator Megahertz Broadcast Systems, who chose five Yamaha CL3 digital consoles to be at the heart of BT Sport broadcasting.

The production centre includes three large studios with full production galleries, plus four smaller galleries for turnaround programmes, all linked by a master control room (MCR) which supervises a large number of lines in and out of the centre. Megahertz always tailors a bespoke - and therefore the best - solution to every project, so the company specified five CL3s in the smaller galleries and the MCR.

"We chose Yamaha because of their competitive price point, delivery and integration with Dante networking. Via a MADI interface they also allow BT Sport to connect to a Snell Sirius 850 hybrid routing switcher and access the available audio layers," says Steve Hope of Megahertz.

In addition, the audio quality of the CL3s has helped to ensure that the BT Sport’s audience enjoys the best aural experience, while the compact footprint means the four galleries and MCR have plenty of working space for the technical staff.

3rd December 2013

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