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Apex Intelli-X2 Is In Control At Sonora

Apex Intelli-X2 Is In Control At Sonora

Located in the town of Erandio, near the Basque capital Bilbao, the Sonora nightclub is renowned for its quality of music, drawing people from a wide catchment area. This reputation is aided by a high specification audio system that features an Apex Intelli-X2 48 controller at its heart.

With a total capacity of 1500, Sonora is split into three rooms - 808 and 909 which host DJ sets and the Bar for live music. The audio system was designed by Hector Cabot of Barcelona-based Media Sys, who also supplied the equipment, and installed by Sonort, based in Bilbao.

It comprises Kling & Freitag loudspeakers throughout, powered by Lab Gruppen amplifiers in rooms 808 and 909, while the Bar loudspeakers use Proel amplifiers. An Apex Intelli-X2 48 system controller was specified because of its exceptional audio quality and flexibility.

“The Intelli-X2 48 controller is the most musical DSP processor available worldwide,” says JM Foguet, CEO at Media-Sys. “The systems in rooms 808 and 909 had to be able to work either independently or together, the Apex unit allowed us to achieve that very easily and with total control of every parameter. We always recommend Intelli-X processors in installations where we supply the project design, because of their sound quality, flexibility and reliability.”

He continues: “The owners of Sonora are very happy with the installation and the comments from DJs and bands have been amazing. People go to the club to enjoy a high quality audio experience and it has been noticeable that the media has highlighted it in every review.”

30th April 2013

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