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Eclipse shines at Easter celebrations at New Wine, Jakarta

Eclipse shines at Easter celebrations at New Wine, Jakarta

The New Wine International church in Jakarta, Indonesia, has the unusual distinction of being located on the 3rd floor of a large shopping arcade. It is nevertheless extremely well equipped and places a big emphasis on music. Indeed, the church had planned a major Easter celebration concert which they wished to record. As a result, they turned to Innovason distributor La Mesa, who provided an Innovason Eclipse digital console equipped with the integrated M.A.R.S. 64-track digital recorder especially for the event.

"The church already has an analog console," explained La Mesa’s Didi Kartanegara, "but they felt that they would achieve better results using an Eclipse as FoH console and recorder rather than bringing in an external recorder and having to patch it to their existing console. I have to say, I agreed with them!"

New Wine’s FoH engineer Kristian Primahadi had just a few hours training on the Eclipse just before the show, but nevertheless proved himself to be perfectly at ease with the console and delivered a great concert mix. "I found the Eclipse to be super flexible," he remarked, "and with the guidance of a La Mesa engineer, I was able to create a console layout that suited me perfectly. 48 "real" faders on the control surface and a further 48 smart faders were more than enough for me to be able to mix 32 channel inputs from all the various microphones and line level instruments. I was delighted with the results."

A 56-channel DioCore was located in the stage area and connected to the Eclipse via its 100m Ethernet cable. "We didn’t use any external effects at all – all the channels were mixed using the built-in EQ, compressors, gates and Just Verb plug-ins," noted Kartanegera. "It was a truly memorable Easter concert, and I can safely say that the performance of the Eclipse shone every bit as much as the artists on stage!

25th April 2013

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