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ELC Lighting at Prolight+Sound 2013

ELC Lighting, winners of several international awards following the launch of their ‘Green-GO’ range of digital intercom products in 2011, has announced a surprise addition to its popular intercom system, which is to be launched at the forthcoming Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt.

Voicing concerns about the environmental impact following technological progress made during the development process of Green-GO, technical director Joost van Eenbergen said: “I owe it to the next generation of intercom users that we should take a more responsible attitude towards electronic systems design. Our dependency on silicon, industrial plastics, copper and energy-dependent software development has been a concern with all our designers here in The Netherlands, even though the results with Green-GO have been extraordinary. Our design teams wanted to give something back.”

Using exclusively EU and internationally-agreed recyclable materials, Green-GO’s latest accessory interfaces with its PoE Ethernet-based digital intercom system to allow short-range expansion of the network at a cost base suitable for financially embarrassed areas of Central Europe.

Silvio Cibien, sales and marketing director for ELC explained: “We have been delighted with the response of customers to Green-GO, and have taken on board the ideas of several of our distributors for a low-cost effective interface that is truly ‘green’.”

Joost concluded: “We spent many hours researching locally-available materials that would maintain the frequency range we have come to expect from digital communications, but with an eye on the end-of-life implications. All components of the design are acknowledged as recyclable by all members of the EU, and in some countries cash rewards are available for disposing components at approved locations.” In addition, although ELC already offers free setup and network monitoring software for Ethernet networks and Green-GO systems, the software design team has gone one stage further and created a fully open-source schema for the latest range. Silvio concluded, “The open-source concept underpinning the design means that other manufacturers will be encouraged to incorporate elements of the new system within their proprietary networks to help promote a truly ‘green’ approach to the future of digital intercoms.”

2nd April 2013

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