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GreenGO Viral Photos Spread Excitement

GreenGO Viral Photos Spread Excitement

Following surprise announcements from ELC Lighting of a development to their Green-GO range, which was being kept under wraps until the opening of Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt on April 10, photos of the new range have been spreading virally through the social media networks.

The excitement has been caused by a new system that is intended as a low-cost extension to the popular Green-GO Ethernet-based digital intercom. Sales and marketing manager Silvio Cibien explained: "After we launched what we thought was the final selection of outstations last year – the wall-mounted wallstation range – our distributors complained that once bolted to an immovable object backstage, the previous flexibility of Green-GO beltpacks and desks, which can operate from any PoE outlet, was compromised." One distributor commented that after installing a wallstation for a stage manager, she could only move as far as the headset cable allowed from the wall and subsequently missed a vital scene change.

Joost van Eenbergen, technical director of ELC and inventor of the Green-GO system said: "We responded immediately to the complaint and sent the software team to interview the distressed stage manager, and the hardware team to search for locally-available components so we could solve the problem and maintain our environmental credentials."

Silvio continued: "After our software team had consoled the stage manager, they visited a local library and researched the work of British physicist Robert Hooke, who by 1666 had successfully experimented with ‘sound transmissions through a taut distended wire’."

Hooke’s original design in 1664-5 was based on the more energy efficient taught length of string, but environmental problems in London in 1666, which led to the loss of its carbon emissions rating that year, meant that he had to find a fireproof alternative and 'distended wire' was the result.

Joost concluded: "After months of experimentation, we decided to go back to Hooke’s original environmentally-friendly recyclable design and have reproduced a system that we call the ‘lovers’ telephone’ after a 19th century copy, whereby one end can be attached to the Green-GO wall station loudspeaker allowing the stage manager to walk anywhere on stage for as long as the string remains taught."

The new device is available as a fully commissioned and tested unit as shown in the attached leaked photograph, or as a kit of parts with a choice of contents. At the time of launch only baked bean and pineapple chunk versions are available, but more options are expected following an exhaustive testing program by ELC’s R&D department. "The anticipated launch of the Dutch beer can option was delayed because speech tests were undecipherable in the laboratory and more testing is needed," said one of Joost’s team.

In picture: ELC will unveil its latest ‘green’ product, to expand the internationally-acclaimed Green-GO digital intercom system, at Prolight + Sound 2013.

3rd April 2013

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