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Portable Stage Draft Standard in Public Review

BSR E1.21 - 201x, Entertainment Technology — Temporary Ground-Supported Structures Used to Cover the Stage Areas and Support Equipment in the Production of Outdoor Entertainment Events, is in review through 27 May 2013. All people with a material interest in stage roofs and other portable structures used in outdoor events are invited to review the draft document and to offer comments. The review is over when the end date of May 28 is reached. It may be downloaded for free at

BSR E1.21 is a revision of ANSI E1.21 -2006. It is being revised to cover the design, manufacture, and use of all the portable structures (not only roofs) used to support scenery, lighting, and sound equipment, and to cover the stages in the production of outdoor entertainment events. Excluded are structures for the public, such as audience bleachers and food vendor stands.

For more information, please contact Karl Ruling, PLASA's technical standards manager, at

2nd April 2013

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