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Register Now for PLASA RDM Developers Conference and Plugfest

The 3rd European and RDM sACN Developers Conference and Plugfest is next week, on April 25-27. The Event will be held in the UK, at Gatwick Manor, London Road at Lowfield Heath, just south of Gatwick Airport.

The first day of the event is especially relevant to those whose roles include retail, hire, marketing, specification, integration, installation and maintenance. This will be an ideal opportunity to keep up to date with the current and future technologies that are bringing great benefits to, and changing the way we work.

PLASA, in conjunction with ProSight speciality insurance, have made their technical standards freely available, which will undoubtedly bring the technologies and associated benefits to a wider audience, thereby requiring that manufactures and suppliers be conversant with the latest developments.

This Developers Conference aims to provide a forum for manufacturers, designers, consultants and prospective users; and to ensure that the adoption of these new standards achieves desired levels of interoperability and reliability.

The "Conference" includes presentations in understanding, implementing and using the published PLASA control protocols suites. Discussions will also embrace the current protocol developments that form part of the PLASA Technical Standards Program. The past 12 months has seen considerable advancement in the development of "RDMnet" – with various drafts of BSR E1.33 being offered for public review, so this is an active topic for consideration.

The "Plugfest" is a hands-on opportunity for product developers to try their products and code implementations with products from a variety of other manufacturers, with support from their industry peers in an environment that encourages co-operation and improved understanding of the standards, and with the aim of achieving high levels of interoperability. Typically, engineers participate in these events with the ability to code and debug aspects of their implementations on site, sometimes retreating to their hotel rooms to craft improvements before returning to the "Plugfest" to continue testing.

The sessions, despite their apparent informality, can be a valuable opportunity to learn how not to make the same mistakes, or misguided assumptions, as others may have done. This event is being organised once again by Ron Bonner (PLASA Technical Resource Office) in conjunction with Peter Willis (Howard Eaton Lighting), Peter Kirkup (LumenRadio), Hamish Dumbreck (JESE Ltd) and Simon Hobday (Artistic Licence Engineering).

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17th April 2013

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