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Theatres Trust Conference 13 Thriving Theatres Open for Bookings

This year’s Theatres Trust conference provides a unique opportunity to look at how theatres can create a more resilient future by using their buildings to achieve financial self-sufficiency.

thriving theatres takes place on the 11 June 2013 at St James Theatre, the splendid new 312-seat venue in the heart of Victoria in London.

The Theatres Trust is the national advisory public body for the protection of theatres and is responsible for providing advice and resources to create a sustainable future for the theatres across the UK. Its annual conference provides a platform to discuss and debate issues of the day facing theatre buildings.

The title of the conference, thriving theatres is in part provocative as many theatres consider the question of how to best to survive in these times of austerity and deal with major changes in the role of the public sector to both deliver and fund services. It is also a call to all those who aspire towards a thriving economy, more engaged communities, and healthier people and innovation, to see that theatres can provide solutions and are worth the investment.

The chairman of the Conference is Vikki Heywood, former executive director of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and she is joined by session chairs, Dave Moutrey, director and chief executive Cornerhouse & Library Theatre Company, leading the new theatre and cinema venue planned in Manchester, the chair of the RSC, Nigel Hugill, and administrative director of the Citizens in Glasgow, Anna Stapleton.

thriving theatres will provide an opportunity to hear from theatres undertaking capital projects and initiatives designed to help them thrive into the future. Contributors include Jim Beirne from Live Theatre in Newcastle and Alan Bishop, the chief executive of the Southbank Centre, leading on the new Festival Wing capital scheme.

The conference provides an opportunity to meet and share ideas with other theatres, professional specialists, government and arts policy makers, theatre consultants and architects. So if you are planning a capital project – or want to find out how you can make the most of your theatre building book now for thriving theatres on the 11 June 2013 at

For more information and to book contact Angela Bond, conference organiser on or call 020 7836 8591.

12th April 2013

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