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GLP Impression Spot One and Wash One Now Available From PRG

GLP Impression Spot One and Wash One Now Available From PRG

The GLP Impression Spot One and Wash One are now available from PRG's rental stock. The Spot One was the first fixture of its kind to be released to the global market, closely followed by the Wash One and both incorporate ground breaking LED technology. By harnessing the raw power of numerous LED sources and running it through an advanced optical system GLP has created an even beam for RGB color mixing, and has produced two very versatile fixtures.

Kasper Gissel – Member of the GLP Board of Directors remarked: “I am delighted that PRG have chosen the Impression Spot One and Impression Wash One as part of their inventory. It’s an exciting time as LED technology really becomes mainstream and with products like the Impression series leading the way. PRG are one of the leading lighting rental companies in the world and we are proud to support them with products that their customers are asking for.”

The Spot One offers bright RGB LED output; even light distribution; full, crisp colour palette; clean white range of 3000K-8000K with high CRI, Instant colour bumps and sharp image projections.

The Impression Wash One boasts a 400W RGB LED light engine, and the same groundbreaking technology as the Spot One, the fully featured luminaire is able to deliver delicate colour changes or instantaneous colour bumps over a wide, carefully calibrated colour spectrum and a 6°-60° zoom range — but the key differentiator is its innovative 3° narrow beam mode and beam shaping function.

15th May 2013

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