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LIPA to Open a Primary Free School

THE Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) will open a primary free school in September 2014 after education chiefs today gave the scheme the green light.

The school, run in partnership with nearby Edge Hill University, will immerse children in the creative arts to enrich teaching and learning in the early development of literacy and numeracy.

Staff will fuse traditional classroom teaching with hands-on projects such as working with box office data from The Liverpool Everyman theatre to develop maths skills.

LIPA currently offers eight degree programmes for performers and for those who make performance possible, such as designers and technicians. It also runs LIPA 4:19, a part-time weekend performing arts academy for four to 19-year-olds, in Liverpool and across the country.

“Our passion is learning,” enthused Mark Featherstone-Witty, LIPA’s CEO and founding principal. “And now we can teach young people full-time, adding to our current LIPA 4:19 part-time provision.

“It’s no mystery that those who excel in a particular field, whether that’s motor racing or painting, got started at an early age. Research has shown that practice can make perfect. We want to give young people a head start in the arts while ensuring they leave us confident and conscientious team players with a well-rounded education.”

The opening of the free school is the latest chapter in the history of LIPA, which was founded by Mark and Sir Paul McCartney in 1995 to provide the best teaching and learning for people who want to pursue a lasting career in the arts and entertainment industry.

Renovation work is due to commence this year on LIPA’s 70 Hope Street building, which will house the new school. In September 2014, up to 40 children are expected to enrol.

LIPA teaching departments currently based there will relocate to an adjacent building, the former Liverpool College of Art, which LIPA purchased for £3.7 million in 2012.

23rd May 2013

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