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Blue Turns the Day Green with Chaos Visual Productions

Blue Turns the Day Green with Chaos Visual Productions
Blue Turns the Day Green with Chaos Visual Productions

The Emirates Stadium, the North London home to Arsenal Football Club was the venue for an unforgettable night on June 1st with American rockers and Grammy Award winners, Green Day. This was their first stadium show in London since 2010 and formed part of the Uno, Dos, Tré, Tour. The video element of the show was supplied by Chaos Visual Productions who are continuing a packed schedule of events this summer.

The band, who, despite their mainstream successes still adhere to their punk ethos, chose not to deviate from their stripped down look to the stage allowing the video crew to concentrate on the band members (and audience members) playing on stage. Video director, Blue Leach was given pretty much carte blanche to interpret his vision of the show onto the two 29Sqm Barco OLite 510 screens either side of the stage. “The band wanted a very clean look to the stage so there was no scenic video on stage; all the visuals were on the side screens. That said, the band was really enthusiastic to capture every moment of their interaction with the audience that grew ever more integral to their performance as the night progressed. That made my job simply a joy. When you have people as vibrant and electric as Green Day are in performance, you are pretty much guaranteed a roller-coaster ride of a night.”

When the video director is gifted with such a blank canvas to work on, his camera team are the most important tool in his kit as Leach explains: “I was lucky enough to have my own camera team with me on the six camera set-up. They were as excellent as ever. There are simply top-notch guys who I can totally trust to be creative and original in their camera work. In an environment like this where the band have given me the freedom to do as I please, having that kind of trust is vital to producing spontaneity and originality to shots. Our camera positions allowed us to be really flexible in the way we worked with the band. Green Day are really receptive to anything that underpins their punk ethos so we could experiment with different shaped shots or blow-out lenses shooting the LED banks on stage. That sort of freedom combines with the trust between director and camera crew makes for a really stylish free form show. At a stadium show like this I’m able to try a few ideas at the beginning of the evening so by the time Green Day are on stage I have secured a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Although Leach has a fair idea of what is going to happen during the show, it’s very clear that it is those random unpredictable moments that get the adrenaline going: “Audience participation is a big part of Green Day’s set which means you always have to be ready for a girl to pop up and play Billie Joe’s guitar or a young lad to come and join in on stage for five minutes. And then there was that moment when Billie Joe took the camera off one of my 3 hand held ops, Gareth and did his own filming of the crowd– Gareth then switched to being BJ’s cable pager! Maximum fun.”

Leach may reflect on the joy and spontaneity of the show but he is very aware that his creativity has to be grounded on very solid footings: “I’m only ever as reliable as the equipment that I am working with and if I say that this was one of my best shows ever then it clearly follows that Chaos need to take much of the credit. Their ‘attention to detail and no expense spared’ policy gave me and my team the confidence to be bold and creative. They did a simply brilliant job – it would be great just to do it all again.”

12th July 2013

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