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Tait Creates One-of-a-Kind Kinetic Video Flippers for Michael Buble

TAIT worked alongside designer Ric Lipson of Stufish, production manager Dean Roney and lighting designer Kurt Wagner to create a multi-faceted staging concept for Michael Buble’s To Be Loved tour, which opened in London earlier this month. Having sold out 10 shows at the famed O2 arena within a matter of minutes, buzz surrounding the highly-anticipated event continues to intensify. In addition to the incredible auditory experience, the tour features the artist’s most technologically advanced set to date, with 58 axes of motion. The aesthetics and functionality were designed to provide an extremely versatile performance environment for the artist. The set has a modernistic, refined look and the ability to seamlessly transform into various configurations.

TAIT’s 17 by 15 metre MagDeck mainstage features a high-gloss finish and includes a downstage monitor shelf, a thrust with two scenic painted stairs, Austrian curtain and a custom, RGB LED scenic edge trim. The LED trim highlights the bold, architecturally derived lines of the mainstage, providing a subtle strip of color along the edges of the tech bunkers, monitor shelf and automated band risers.

13 video flippers are integrated into the main stage to provide a complex, moving LED display. The 1.06 metres wide by 3.65 metres high panels move independently from one another with wave-like fluidity; at any angle and up to ninety degrees in four seconds. The panels can also come together in a fixed formation, either lowered in static, angular position or raised to form a subtle partition. When raised to a stationary position, the flippers create a uniquely intimate atmosphere, by reducing the perspective size of the stage. The central panel was fitted with an actuated counter rake platform at the top, to create a performance platform for the artist. TAIT/FTSI’s Navigator Control System is used to map the movement of the flippers and output data directly to the video controller. The communication amongst the software allows the show’s video content to automatically adjust depending on the placement of the flippers.

TAIT also provided automation for a 10 metre high by 18 metre wide tracking video screen, held by 26 metres of video track truss. Controlled by Navigator, the video screen is able to move in seven sections, which provides a dynamic visual effect.

One of the tour’s most unique features is the B-stage, which was positioned at the complete opposite end of the house, bringing the artist closer to fans seated further away than ever before. At 14 metres wide and deep, the u-shaped stage, features the scenic LED trim and incorporates custom stairs ascending from the 1.2 metre catwalk to the 2.4 metre upper level.

To meet the needs of the tour, the complete system was manufactured in eight weeks.

18th July 2013

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