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Chauvet Professional PVP Panels Engage Guests at Hard Rock Café

Chauvet Professional PVP Panels Engage Guests at Hard Rock Café
Chauvet Professional PVP Panels Engage Guests at Hard Rock Café

Dominican Republic – The new Hard Rock Café in the chic heart of the Dominican Republic’s bustling capital Santo Domingo offers all of the attractions that have made this iconic chain so popular around the world. Aside from enjoying great food and a festive atmosphere, guests can also see Rihanna’s famous dog tag dress, a sequin dress worn by Shakira, plus memorabilia from the likes of Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry. This Hard Rock location also serves up something extra, however, in the form of two very special LED video walls created by Jhansen "Mangu" Reinoso of Word Up Sound and Lighting, using PVP S5 Video Panels from Chauvet Professional.

Measuring 16 feet wide by 10 feet high, the first wall is the largest LED video display in Santo Domingo. Set behind the large stage in the café’s club, it lends a true concert atmosphere to the glittering mix of EDM, island and pop performers that rock this venue well into the evening.

The second smaller wall pays tribute to the Dominican Republic’s island character by mesmerizing guests with an alluring and constantly changing seascape. Featuring a variety of azure hues and exotic fish that evoke images of the Caribbean, the wall measures four panels across and three panels down.

"The aquatic-themed wall is at a room to the side of the club that hosts meetings and special events," said Reinoso. "When the room is used for a corporate function, the wall also showcases company messages. The larger club video wall displays a variety of images, including live video content, text and pixel graphics. We’ll also use the bigger wall to colorize the room. It’s very easy to feed the walls new images, because the Chauvet VIP Driver that controls the panels is very user-friendly. Training the staff at Hard Rock on it was a simple process. "

Reinoso also had high praise for the panels’ performance features, including the 1,500 NITs brightness and rich colors of their SMD RGB LEDs, as well as the clarity of their 5.2mm pixel pitch. "The closest guests get to the panels in the club is about 25 feet, so the resolution works out perfectly," he said. "Our client loves the way the panels perform."

Installing the panels was also easy, reports Reinoso. "We built a truss structure with Chauvet TRUSST and attached the panels to that for our larger video wall," he said. "The panels’ rigging clamps made it very simple to align them with no space between the panels, which helped cut our installation time.

"Overall, the panels were a perfect fit for this site," continued Reinoso. "Initially our client was considering buying video panels directly from overseas, but we convinced them that the combination of service, reliability, quality output and training from going with us and Chauvet was too great to ignore. They agreed and are now very glad they made that decision."

1st October 2014

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