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Dharma Studios Finds Balance With Audient

Italy– Dharma Studios owner, Paolo Tubia is a fan of the hybrid set up. “I like analogue outboard - a tasty compressor and some boutique preamps - to be a part of the mix. So I needed a centrepiece to manage the various control room components effectively and creatively,” he explains, describing the studio he has aspired to – and, with the arrival of his new ASP4816 last month – ultimately brought to life.

“The Audient definitely has the ‘wow’ factor,” he beams, particularly enjoying his clients’ reaction to the new small format desk. “A real analogue console at the heart of a control room, surrounded by mystical and esoteric machines full of LEDs and gauges really helps customers get into the mood,” he says. “It encourages them to do their best in the professional environment.

“We all know how hard it is to stay in budget when looking for a reliable and high-quality analogue mixer,” he adds, very happy that he discovered the Audient desk. It wasn’t just the competitive pricing of the console that swung it, however. “What I love about this console is the clean punch that comes out when you start to push it a bit, allowing me to have 16 clean preamps – incredibly useful for recording acoustic instruments without adding colour. Thanks to the routing design, with balanced inserts everywhere, it is still possible (if necessary) to colour tracks, stems and even the mix bus with my outboards,” he continues.

With all the key features of a large console packed into a neat, ergonomic console, the Audient ASP4816 comprises fully-featured in-line architecture, ideally suited to this small studio based in northern Italy.

“The foldback section is also useful and intuitive. I don’t have to waste time creating strange ways to allow musicians to listen to what they are playing, The compressor does a great job of gluing the whole mix together and above all the build quality is exceptional, right down to the smallest component.”

Tubia’s interest in audio engineering started out when he was a drummer on the other side of the glass. He cut his teeth on a few independent productions before opening Dharma Studios in 2011, and although he doesn’t know where all this will lead, he’s certainly enjoying the journey.

8th October 2014

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