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Panasonic grows ultra-short throw lens range

Panasonic grows ultra-short throw lens range
Panasonic grows ultra-short throw lens range

Panasonic will release the world's shortest throw detachable lens for 3-chip DLP projectors in November.

The new ET-D75LE90 ultra-short throw lens allows projection distance to be shortened by approximately 60% compared to traditional short throw lenses, meaning savings in space and opening up new areas for projection.

When the lens is installed on a 3-chip DLP projector, a 200 inch screen can be created from just 1.5m, compared to a distance of four metres with a traditional lens.

The new lens complements Panasonic’s existing ultra-short throw lens designed for 1-chip DLP projectors (ET-DLE030). Both lenses offer installers maximum flexibility and are backwards compatible with older projector models.

3D visualisation solutions specialist, EON Reality has used Panasonic ultra-short throw lenses to create an immersive multi-wall environment in which participants become completely surrounded by virtual projected images and sound. Called the lcube, it is used in applications such as professional training exercises and amusements.

Mats Johansson, CEO of EON Reality said: “Thanks to the ultra-short throw lenses, we have been able to design a new generation of compact lcube which requires 40% less space, while maintaining all other key parameters like resolution, brightness and screen size.

“This new design is of great value to our customers who are freed from previous space constraints and benefit from lower operational costs. 3-chip DLP technology will further improve the quality of the 3D experience in the EON lcube.”

Hartmut Kulessa, marketing manager for Panasonic said: “Our ultra-short throw lenses are offering installers the ability to utilise dead space, reduce costs through less rigging and create new projected images which engage and excite customers.”

28th October 2014

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