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Triple E and Rose Brand motor into LDI 2014

USA Track systems supremo Triple E is teaming up with its long-time exclusive North American distributor Rose Brand to exhibit its array of industry-leading products at LDI Las Vegas.

Triple E and Rose Brand will join forces on booth #1249 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from 21-23 November to showcase Triple E's combined chain-driven ERAIL system, plus its full range of tracks known for their simple design, rugged construction and ease of installation in entertainment applications.

"Together with Rose Brand we've been developing the American market for Triple E systems for well over a decade now - and following the introduction of ERAIL, the SDRIVE motor, and the new TDRIVE motor for Unitrack and Unibeam, business is increasing," says David Edelstein. "The simple plug and play motors and easy-to-install tracks are appealing to a host of production companies now specifying Triple E's products Stateside. So, naturally, we're inviting everyone to visit us on Rose Brand booth #1249 at LDI to discover what all the fuss is about!"

Rose Brand – which has offices in New Jersey and California – is a leader in production supplies for entertainment, schools, events, exhibitions and houses of worship and carries the majority of Triple E products.

"We're thrilled to again be able to demonstrate the Triple E product line and to show attendees the quality engineered into these products," says Mark O'Brien, director of technical services at Rose Brand. "The North American market continues to discover Triple E's robust product line, so it's an exciting time. The successful Unibeam and Chainbeam offer a versatile design with high load capacity that is desirable in the entertainment industry. Also, the SDRIVE, TDRIVE, and TDRIVE HD offer a great choice of easy to use curtain track motors at great prices."

Rose Brand continues to report increases in both interest and sales of Triple E's tracks and motors.

"Demand for TDRIVE HD is growing as more people discover this plug and play, heavy duty curtain motor that offers a compact, easy to use design," adds O'Brien. "And with the Triple E tracks and motors offering quiet operation, easy assembly, and heavy duty capacity, what's not to like?"

David Edelstein, Mark O'Brien, and the Triple E products will be on booth #1249 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from 21-23 November.

31st October 2014

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