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City Theatrical At LDI 2014

USA - City Theatrical will be launching a load of new products at LDI 2014 in Las Vegas November 21-23.

A new feature to the multi-award-winning SHoW DMX Neo product line is the addition of Maximum Bandwidth Technology. New Maximum Bandwidth Technology allows

SHoW DMX to change from Frequency Hopping to Wide Band Digital Modulation, which allows it to narrow its output to smaller areas of the 2.4GHz spectrum, such as Wi-Fi channels 13-14, where in the United States, no Wi-Fi broadcast takes place. This allows SHoW DMX to avoid all Wi-Fi interference in an otherwise saturated spectrum. No other wireless DMX system can make this claim. This is accomplished simply by selecting a SHoW ID on the user interface or via RDM. This feature will be available as an upgrade for all present SHoW DMX Neo users and will be a standard feature of all new SHoW DMX Neo sales.

CTI is expanding their line of professional QolorFLEX brand LED tapes with the addition of 23 new tapes with outdoor versions, 24V versions, and new colours and colour temperatures. CTI’s QolorFLEX LED tape has been used on high profile productions around the world in 2014 including motion pictures like The Amazing Spiderman 2, and TV shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Late Night Show Starring Seth Myers, Saturday Night Live, Gotham, and many other shows and studios.

QolorFLEX NuNeon is an LED based neon replacement which allows you to achieve the same visual effects as standard neon lights, with the reliability, brightness, colour changing, and ease-of-installation of LED lighting. Totally encased in a translucent silicone material, the LEDs read as a continuous light source for a truly neon look. All QolorFLEX NuNeon is outdoor rated, and is available in solid colors or RGB, and in 24V or 120V versions.

The QolorPoint Battery Powered LED Uplighter sets a new standard in temporary wireless event lighting. With its understated elegant design, each RGBA QolorPoint unit is equipped with our award winning SHoW DMX radio and is rated for outdoor use (IP65). Its 2000 lumen output will light up medium sized trees or three storey buildings and its even colour mixing, long battery life (ten hours at maximum output), and six-unit charging flight case make it the most versatile and feature rich portable LED uplighter available today.

The new D4 LP Dimmer is a professional quality dimmer for LED tape designed to meet the needs of broadcast studios and other venues where fan noise could be a problem. The D4 LP has four channels of dimming (up to a total of 20A in the 120V version, with a maximum load of 8A on any dimmer) and a built-in fanless power supply. The D4 LP has a very shallow 2” height to allow easy attachment to scenery, and loads of user features such as five output terminal blocks for easy setup and plugging, bump buttons, Powercons in and out, and built-in stand-alone modes for use without a lighting controller when desired. Utilising CTI’s flicker-free and ultra smooth LED dimming, this dimmer was built to meet the demanding conditions of professional venues, quiet film sets, and network television shows.

The QolorFLEX Connect 14 is an accessory for any LED dimmer to ease the job of the electrician by providing 14 outlets for plugging in LED tapes. Typical LED dimmers have only one or two terminal block outlets and when many small runs of LED tape must be connected it creates a messy and unworkable situation. The QolorFLEX Connect 14 solves this by providing a patch panel like plugging system to handle the plugging remotely from the dimmer, then to connect to the dimmer with a only one set of larger gauge wires.

18th November 2014

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