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Coda Audio is system of choice for South African casinos

Coda Audio is system of choice for South African casinos

South African Coda Audio distributor, Tadco, recently supplied two prestigious casinos with Coda Audio loudspeaker systems; The Venue at The Ridge Casino and Hotel in Witbank and The Globe at Silverstar Casino in Mogale City, Gauteng.

‘We were contacted by Steve Moss from MMPA who was the audio consultant for Tsogo Sun for the projects," says Tadco’s Josh Oats. "He asked us to quote on a system that would be capable of handling comedy shows, one man bands and corporate functions.

For larger events, equipment would be hired in to supplement the in-house system, or the in-house system would be taken down completely and replaced with a larger format system, so it was really important that it was easy to setup in different configurations.

"We chose Coda’s LA8 as the ideal solution because it has impeccable intelligibility, it’s capable of high output and it has simplicity in setup and operation, all within a small and cost effective package."

Tadco delivered 12 Coda LA8 cabinets with four LA8-SUBs for The Venue, the more compact of the two locations, and 18 LA8 with eight LA8-SUBs at The Globe.

"Both venues needed to be flexible and adapt to as many different events as possible, so they can be utilised to the maximum," continues Josh. "Consequently there are hang points that allow the system to be used in long throw and short throw configurations. Kyle Robson, our head of operational support, setup the Coda controllers to allow the operators to simply select a preset to optimise the system for each configuration."

An added challenge for Tadco was that both venues are dome structures, which makes for extremely challenging acoustics.

"Coda’s plotting software was a great guide for that," says Josh. "And by utilising different angle flares reflections and spill was kept to a minimum."

"The Coda LA8 is a stunning small box," says Kyle. "On first sight it is very easy on the eye. It’s unbelievable to think that so much volume is coming from such a small stack.

"It also has great, smooth coverage; 120-degrees at the bottom of the hang for the first bit of venue and 60-degrees on top of the hang for the far throw of the venue. And the phasing between stacks as you walk the venue is non-existent."

"The systems sound great and it outperforms what was required by the spec,’ adds Josh. "The intention was for the system at The Venue to be used for 90 per cent of gigs and when a larger system is required the house system would be taken down and replaced by a hired in system. With the system we have supplied, that is unnecessary. All that could possibly be required is additional sub units."

The system at The Ridge has already been put through its paces, with The Venue opening its doors with South Africa’s favourite funny man, Trevor Noah, and hosting nights with Soulistic Music, the brainchild of global award winning DJ Black Coffee, and rock band Prime Circle, who chose The Venue to launch their new album.

Most importantly, the end customer is also reportedly very happy with the results.

"The final client was dancing around the room to Dire Straits," concludes Kyle. "So I think it’s safe to say they are extremely happy."

26th November 2014

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