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d&b audiotechnik deliver inaugural training seminars at One Systems Global

d&b audiotechnik deliver inaugural training seminars at One Systems Global

Thailand - One Systems Global are looking forward to the grand opening of their new premises in November, but already the building is being used to facilitate new services to customers throughout Thailand. The first official d&b audiotechnik training seminars have recently taken place there, attracting enthusiastic plaudits from all concerned.

Chief operations officer, Alfonso Martín, explains the rationale behind delivering d&b specific training: "The structure and content of the training sessions created by d&b audiotechnik makes them accessible to all our customers - both current and prospective. The participants were a real mix of people with different skill levels and different reasons for attending: from some of the most respected and senior sound engineers in the country to audio guys just starting their careers at local rental companies. We also welcomed a good number of people who were considering joining the d&b family and appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the brand's systems and its value."

The sessions range from a seminar exploring Electroacoustics, to one day workshops on Line Arrays and the d&b Remote network. The latter giving the opportunity to learn more about the d&b workflow and how it can optimise the performance of any d&b audiotechnik system.

Training sessions have proved popular with a wide spectrum of professionals working in the industry - not just sound engineers. Suttipun Youneck who works in technical sales says, "I have attended some of the other training offered in the market and must say that there are quite significant differences on how d&b audiotechnik approaches "sound issues" and applies clever solutions.

"I really enjoyed the way the training is delivered, with lots of experiments that make the participants see and understand things clearly and explicitly. The 'hands on’ approach is refreshingly different and effective."

Mr Chaowalik who has worked in audio rental for a decade comments: "The seminar on the d&b workflow was an in-depth study of the audio physics and software application but the way it was delivered made it both enjoyable and easy to understand. By involving all the participants in the content it was clear by the end of the session that everyone had understood the details and learned a great deal."

Both Youneck and Chaowalik were also very impressed with new facilities at One Systems Global. From Chaowalik: "A huge room in which to play with line arrays; a comfortable and cozy theory area with a huge screen – just fabulous – I would love something like this for my company!"

Youneck is equally enthusiastic: "I don't believe there is anything to touch the quality and standard of these luxurious and spacious facilities in all Thailand – probably not in all of Asia in fact."

This is all music to Martín's ears, "It's great that we have been able to host these first official d&b audiotechnik training sessions in Thailand and have had such a positive response. The One Systems Global team is looking forward to go ahead with the next set of training events, probably in January 2015."

12th November 2014

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