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Elation’s New Platinum BX a Powerful Fat Beam Luminaire with Xtreme Output

Elation’s New Platinum BX a Powerful Fat Beam Luminaire with Xtreme Output

When an extremely powerful fat beam effect is required for those impactful aerial looks, the new Platinum BX from Elation Professional delivers in a big way. Featuring new lamp technology from a Philips MSD Platinum 17RA 350W lamp and new wide lens optics for a thicker beam look, the Platinum BX powers out over 15,000 lumens of concentrated light along a tight 3-degree beam, comparable to much higher wattage fixtures and four times the output of previous dedicated beam models from Elation.

Housed in an efficient compact design that means the Platinum BX is also surprisingly fast, the wider lens produces a thicker beam of light that looks great mid-air, making it ideal for high-impact long throws. This small but powerful moving head is ideal for a variety of applications from the largest stages at concerts, stadiums and festivals to TV shows, special events and more.

The new Platinum 17RA lamp builds on the success of the Platinum 5R lamp, which Elation has used previously in both spot and beam fixtures. The company has sought to keep the same arc gap to maintain the same quality and crisp sharp optics while generating more power. Producing a well-defined column of superior light (6,900K, 85 CRI), the fixture’s 15,000 lumens is powerful enough to cut through the abundance of LED lighting and video found on today’s set designs yet uses far less energy than a traditional ACL with comparable output.

Design features include 10 dichroic colors including UV and CTO / CTB color correction, plus 8 rotating interchangeable indexing gobos and 13 static-stamped indexing gobos for a selection of mid-air patterns. The hard-edge beam can be softened using the frost filter when more of a wash look is needed and further beam manipulation can be achieved via an 8-facet rotating prism. Sixteen prism macros are included for quick programming of effects. The Platinum BX also houses a mechanical shutter for strobing and is full range dimmable.

The Platinum BX is controllable via 3 DMX modes (14/16/22 channels) for a variety of control options and a 6-button touch-control panel with full-color 180° reversible LCD menu display makes for easy navigation through DMX and manual settings. The Platinum BX also includes a host of standard features that makes a lighting professional’s life easier like professional grade Neutrik 5-pin DMX, PowerCON In/Out connections and RJ45 Ethernet In/Out connections for Art-Net support. The Platinum BX is also RDM (Remote Device Management) ready and includes a universal switch-mode power supply for use anywhere in the world.

11th November 2014

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