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ETC to turn the lighting world upside-down at LDI 2014

ETC to turn the lighting world upside-down at LDI 2014

At the LDI 2014 tradeshow, 21-23 November, in the Las Vegas Convention Center, ETC will definitely turn heads, thanks to a variety of new products and a gravity defying design on stands 2891 and 2991.

LDI 2014 will be the first time that ETC is demonstrating Vortek technology, which will become available internationally in the near future. In September, ETC acquired the Vortek rigging division of Daktronics, which expanded the ETC Rigging family of products to include a variety of custom engineered, heavy lift, high lift and high speed rigging solutions, such as orchestra shell, grand drape and scoreboard lifts, synchronised acoustic panels and motorised packaged hoists.

ETC’s LDI 2014 stands will also include GDS luminaires for the first time. ETC is the North and South American distributor of GDS products, including award winning ArcSystem LED products, ArcLamp screw based replacement LED lamps and BluesSystem dimmable LED running and work lights.

ETC will have a display of Unison architectural systems at LDI, including the new, award-winning Echo control system, which brings intelligent, independently controlled power to architectural installations of any size and budget. The Echo system helps buildings meet growing energy codes and maximise energy savings.

The ColorSource PAR LED luminaire produces the broadest colour range and richest light possible from a four colour LED luminaire. It is affordable and incredibly easy to use, making it the perfect choice for venues with even the smallest budgets.

The tiny Nomad dongle plugs into a computer, turning it into a lighting controller that runs both ETC Cobalt and Eos/Element software. Nomad Puck offers all the flexibility and capabilities of Nomad, but comes in a secure mini computer that only allows ETC applications to be installed.

The Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight HD and Tungsten HD arrays are designed for broadcast use, offering flicker free operation and high definition lighting. Incredibly bright, the Daylight HD array produces variable cool white (4000 to 6500K) light and the Tungsten HD array creates adjustable warm white (2700 to 4500K) light.

Room N115 in the Las Vegas Convention Center will house ETC’s demo lounge. Visitors can take a break from the busy show floor to enjoy freshly baked cookies, try out Ion and Element control consoles, and see head to head comparisons of ETC LED luminaires and how they work together to create the best light for any installation.

ETC will host its popular Student Session at LDI, on Saturday 22 November, at 5:15pm in ETC’s demo lounge N115. All students are welcome to the session, where they can ask questions of ETC employees, learn more about the company, and win exclusive swag. Students must pick up a pass from the registration desk of ETC’s stand beforehand in order to take part.

ETC Outreach and Training Specialist Ellen White will teach four console-training sessions as part of the LDInstitute programme. To get more information about the sessions and to register, visit .

To get a pass for the LDI show floor, register at and enter ETC’s exhibitor VIP passcode: E168.

In picture: ETC’s new ColorSource PAR will be on display at LDI 2014

7th November 2014

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