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Followspots as you've never seen them before

Followspots as you\'ve never seen them before

USA – This year, LDR celebrate a year of co-operation with Atlanta based company Canto USA, exclusive distributor of LDR in the USA, with the introduction of three new followspots at the forthcoming LDI show with the Canto 2000 TH, Canto 1500 MSR and Astro 200 LED.

Astro 200 W LED represents an innovation for the followspot industry. A 200 W LED chip (3200° or 5600°K) capable of delivering more light than any conventional 1kW TH followspot with the capability to dim the light to 0.001% with one channel only.

The Canto 1500 MSR is designed to close the gap between large arena and small size venues. The features of the Fast Fit 1500 MSR Philips lamp are enhanced with the usage of an electronic ballast makes the unit ideal for live broadcasting.

Canto 2000 TH is a classic workhorse reengineered to show the muscle and all the benefits of 2000W tungsten halogen lamp.

“The LDI 2014 show marks a successful year of co-operation with Canto USA,” says Fabiano Besio. “The addition of these new products is on target to accelerate the growth and to reinforce our leading position in the North American followspot market.

“We promise quality and we deliver quality,” says Fabiano Besio. “That’s why each product has been accurately designed to answer specific market needs with attention to detail. There is no compromise to the quality of the light and also the eye-catching Italian design because,” says Besio, “you should never underestimate the power of an aesthetic design.”

“The attention to the customer has been the key of our success,” says John Luhrs of CantoUSA. “That’s why, only 12 months after debuting at the LDI show in 2013, Canto USA has rapidly become one of the major solution providers for the professional lighting industry in the country. There will be nothing other than new products at the show on the Canto USA booth,” says Luhrs, “and we are thrilled to welcome people on our booth 2874 and to show them our new products.”

In picture: LDR’s Fabiano Besio

17th November 2014

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