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High End Systems Announces the Launch of Solaspot Pro 1500 and MMS 100 at LDI 2014

USA – Following the introduction of the revolutionary Shapeshifter LED light at Pro Light and Sound, High End Systems has chosen LDI 2014 in Las Vegas to launch several innovative new products. High End Systems' booth 2415 will be the platform for the unveiling of the new SolaSpot Pro 1500 and the MMS-100. Additionally customers will be able to get their hands on the incredible Shapeshifter range! C1s, W1s, C2s and W2s will all be in attendance. High End has also partnered with Parasol Systems to feature the STAR600 as the centre attraction with Shapeshifter C2’s and Solaspot Pro 1500s.

The SolaSpot Pro 1500 is the brightest LED Spot product on the market with an impressive 20,000 lumens plus output from a 400 watt LED energy efficient source. Features such as framing shutters, CMY colour mixing, linear CTO, two gobo wheels, animation effects, a prism, an iris, frost and an eight to 45 degree zoom range (amongst others) make this the most exciting LED product on the market today. 

“The launch of SolaSpot Pro 1500 continues our emphasis on cutting edge LED technology,” says Chris Ferrante, director of product management. “Yet again we are releasing the brightest LED hard edge fixture available, offering traditional 1000W to 1500W fixtures some real competition. Customers no longer have to trade off between what is bright and what is green; in SolaSpot Pro 1500 you get the very best of both worlds (as well as weighing much less than most 1200W/1500W products).

"The SolaSpot Pro 1500 is the newest addition to our family of power efficient LED fixtures, confirming High End System’s strategy to invest in green technology without compromises,” says Renaat De Wilde, VP of sales. “After the Shapeshifter family launch, the SolaWash 19/37 and the SolaSpot Pro CMY, it indicates that High End Systems can now offer a full range of feature rich products suitable for almost any possible application.”

In addition, new features for the HOG 4 family will also be unveiled at the show, continuing High End System’s aggressive release schedule. The highly anticipated pixel mapping feature will be showcased by head of development Jonathan Kemble and Hog test manager Chris Muenchow. Be sure to come by and get a demo!

Axon HD and HD PRO will also be in attendance with a sneak peek at the future onboard User Interface which is clean, intuitive and very flexible. Jon Mytyk, Axon engineering test manager will be available to answer any questions customers have and give you a look into the future! 

Key company personnel will be in attendance November 21st through 23rd at booth 2415 to give customers a closer look at these latest innovations. Come by the booth and drop off a business card for a chance to win a free Road Hog4 to be drawn Saturday night after the show.

20th November 2014

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