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Lab.gruppen announces all models of PLM+ and D Series now shipping

Lab.gruppen announces all models of PLM+ and D Series now shipping

Swedish amplifier giant Lab.gruppen has announced that all models of its recently launched touring platform PLM+ Series, as well as all models of the install platform D Series, are now available for shipping.

PLM+ is the brand new touring platform from Lab.gruppen, a platform that offers all of the unique performance characteristics, flexibility, and raw power of the 20000Q, but with a whole host of additional features and improvements designed to deliver real world benefits and make the life cycle of any production easier, smoother and more efficient, from the system design stage, operating, through to the final load out.

PLM+ range offers two models – PLM20k44 and the PLM12k44 – each combining a true 4in/4out configuration for audio IO as well as 4 modules of Lake Processing.

Based upon the TEC Award-winning design of the company’s iconic PLM 20000Q, the new PLM+ range is the most advanced touring platform the company has ever produced, complete with the ground-breaking Rational Power Management™ (RPM) technology, first debuted in the company’s D Series install platform. A first in live sound, this new feature allows the 12k44 to realise all of the unique performance characteristics of the 20k44 model, a unique feature that could have major implications for a busy rental company.

Unlike other amplifiers where ‘flexibility’ often involves compromise (eg. reducing channel count by bridging or reducing the total power or impedance the output is capable of driving), RPM allows genuinely flexible power allocation across all channels to ensure the most efficient and rational use of total available power output from multiple amplifiers. Therefore minimising inventory as well as optimising workflow.

That same technology is also available in the install dedicated platform, D Series, a product that holds a core ethos of total integration for large scale installations. Conceived to provide ‘true open interoperability’, D Series integrates with the widest range of digital audio and control protocols, bringing powerful benefits and unique capabilities that make a real world difference, to any demanding high-performance installation.

Available in three power configurations (8000 W, 12000 W and 20000 W total power output), the D Series platform is available in two distinct variants – one featuring Lake, the other featuring Tesira by Biamp Systems – each offering unique capabilities and advantages.

The Lake version provides a package of Lake Processing DSP with analogue, AES and a dual-redundant Dante network solution, supported by the creation of new custom software to provide extensive integration potential with most of the main systems manufacturers.

The Tesira variant is the result of a collaboration between Lab.gruppen and Biamp. These models are equipped with Tesira DSP, as well as AVB audio and control, for "unheralded" amplifier and DSP platform integration designed to ensure seamless interoperability between respective systems.

All models of both the PLM+ and D Series are now available for shipping.

6th November 2014

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