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LOBO breaks 150 ILDA Awards mark

LOBO breaks 150 ILDA Awards mark
LOBO breaks 150 ILDA Awards mark

USA – LOBO’s creative director Alexander Hennig (pictured) accepts LOBO’s 15th ILDA Award on the occasion of the annual meeting of the International Laser Display Association – a world record!

It is an unparalleled success story and something absolutely exceptional in the industry. In 2007, LOBO’s creative director Alexander Hennig accepted the company’s 100th ILDA Award onboard a cruise ship in Nassau for the outstanding creative achievements of the LOBO show design group. To date no other company even came close to getting 100 ILDA Awards.

Now, just seven years later, he stands again on the stag in the Riviera Casino in Las Vegas. In one hand he holds the company’s first ILDA Award and in the other hand he holds number 150.

The ILDA Award is known as the most important and most desired Award of the laser and multimedia entertainment industry. Every year a changing jury of industry pros and laymen of different countries chooses the best of the best shows in different categories.

In almost every respect, LOBO takes the lead for almost one-and-a-half decades and received almost five times more ILDA Awards than its closest European competitor and 75% more award than the subsequent winner on the all-time ILDA ranking list. Beyond ILDA Awards, LOBO also received many other International Awards, such as Industry Awards (e.g. LDI Award, Golden Eye Award, TiLE Award), Innovation Awards (e.g. VR Innovation Award, Rudolf-Eberle Award,) and Design Awards (Red Dot and iF Design Awards).

Being the industry leader in show design for such a long time is a clear sign of excellence in creativity, of outstanding skills and of consistent hard work of the whole team.

LOBO’s success story in this area is closely connected to Alexander Hennig. In his very emotional speech he tells how he won the company’s first ILDA Award in 1994 for a corporate show, when still being an intern at the company. In 1995 he was hired by the company as creative director and started to build up the LOBO design group and the almost legendary LOBO Studios. Over and over again, this team has set new benchmarks for the industry by creating exceptional experiences with effects, never been seen before. Therefore, many renowned companies, associations and even government organisations rely on LOBO when it comes to stage unforgettable world-class experiences.

24th November 2014

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