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PRG at the ‘25 Years After the Fall of the Wall’ Celebration

PRG at the ‘25 Years After the Fall of the Wall’ Celebration
PRG at the ‘25 Years After the Fall of the Wall’ Celebration

Germany - Production Resource Group Germany (PRG) leant its expertise to the "25 Years after the Fall of the Wall" ceremony in Berlin on November 9. The global event services provider was commissioned by mediapool Event Services GmbH to handle the lighting for the central event of the festivities at the Brandenburg Gate. Tens of thousands of guests populated the square in front of the Brandenburg Gate, the symbol of the division of Germany, to witness a stage show featuring emotional speeches by the likes of Federal President Joachim Gauck and performances by German top musicians.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors had come to Berlin on November 9 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with luminaries from politics, business and society. Champions of reunification including former Soviet Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev and former Polish trade union leader Lech Walesa were in Berlin, as were contemporary witnesses from the nearly three decades when the Wall split Berlin into East and West.

The opening of Germany’s internal border 25 years ago was commemorated with numerous activities and events at several places in the German capital on this day.

The program was staged by the Berlin performing arts company phase7 under the lead management of Sven Sören Beyer and lighting designer Björn Hermann.

In picture: the central event at the Brandenburg Gate

photo: PRG – Amanda Holmes 

12th November 2014

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