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Robe at LDI 2014

Robe at LDI 2014
Robe at LDI 2014

USA – Robe Lighting Inc. will once again exhibit at LDI on November 21-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. With an elegant booth design and exciting new products including the recently-launched BMFL Spot, the LDI exhibition is the grand finale of Robe’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

The Czech Republic-based manufacturer is also sponsoring the recharge lounge. Recharge stations and seating will be available for all LDI guests. The area will highlight the BMFL Spot, a new mega-bright long-throw signature fixture that needs a large environment in order to be shown most effectively.

Numerous products will be introduced by Robe at LDI, including the miniPointe together with all the current product range luminaires on this spectacular booth, which will also feature one of Robe’s dazzling light shows.

Anolis, the architectural division of Robe, will be integrated into the lounge area of the booth, and the newly-acquired LightWare series of battery powered LED products (now manufactured in the Czech Republic) will also be present.

Says Bob Schacherl, CEO of Robe Lighting Inc: “LDI is the premier entertainment lighting exhibition for the Americas. It provides a rich environment for showcasing new products, networking with clients and converting opportunities into tangible business. Our recent launch of the BMFL Spot was overwhelmingly positive and has elevated our company in the global market place. BMFL will be the featured product on our booth in Las Vegas. When you factor in the additional new products we will unveil at the show, I believe we are positioned to have the best LDI in the history of the Robe”.

The Robe US team will be joined by key members of the Robe international team including CEO Josef Valchar and International Sales Director Harry von den Stemmen.

As in years past, there will be a bar in the back of the booth to ensure that the famous Czech hospitality can be enjoyed by all of Robe’s friends and family – current, future and potential.


The BMFL Spot utilises a 1500W lamp from Osram with a native CRI of 92. The lamp was purpose-built for the luminaire thus allowing the lamp and Robe optics to be perfectly optimised. As a result, BMFL Spot delivers an astounding 40,000 lumens and measures 250,000 lux at five metres.

BMFL’s optical system produces a crisp, high-quality fat beam that is truly homogenised. Its incredible 11:1 zoom system ranges from 5 to 55 degrees. The CMY colour mixing system is seamless in operation with zero colour fringing and is supplemented by two independent fixed colour wheels with additional saturates, pastels and very useful colour correction filters.

There are two rotating gobo wheels – each with six slot & lock gobo positions. There are also two rotating prisms – a six facet circular prism and six face linear prism. The dual graphic wheels can be focused within the same focal plane for layered looks. The rotation and movement of each wheel can be individually controlled and varied to create ultra-cool, infinitely subtle special effects.

BMFL’s variable frost function is smooth and even. Three selectable grades of frost are also available. The dimmer is exceptionally uniform with no distinguishable wipes so the full beam width is visible from 100% to 0.2% intensity. BMFL’s optical performance and diverse range of attributes enables it to be suitable for any professional application. When used for long-throw purposes, the newly patented Robe EMS TM (Electronic Motion Stabiliser) technology, enables the BMFL to absorb vibrations from audio outputs, truss movement, sprung or suspended floors, etc. so that the beam remains focused as programmed. Lastly, despite its power and comprehensive features, BMFL weighs just 79lbs!


Robe’s new miniPointe is a tiny agile air cutter specifically designed to produce sharp beam and aerial effects especially in venues with size constraints.

Striking bright 2.5° parallel beams with glowing colours and static gobo wheel patterns can be multiplied by an innovative dynamic flower effect (DFE) producing various shapes of flower beams dynamically changing in the air.

The fine-tuned short arc of the Osram Sirius HRI 140 W RO lamp and optimised optical system push with ease through haze and fog. The smooth variable frost filter and any one of the 13 rich colours are instantly ready to create a smooth even wash, extending the feature set of this petite but powerful beam, wash and effect fixture.

ROBIN LEDBeam 1000

This brand new powerful fixture will be launched at the show. It utilises the latest LED technology and can be used either as a beam or a wash light.

With flexibility to the fore, it features a unique proprietary optical system with a zoom of 4 – 60 degrees and full beam control giving an extremely tight and intense beam for long throws or a nice smooth even wash.

A super-fast pan and tilt is great for creating spectacular ‘wow factor’ effects.

CycPix 12

This uniquely designed, easy to install wash fixture combines a fast motorized zoom (8 degrees – 67 degrees), an optical system of highly-efficient components and an array of 12 powerful 15W RGBW multichip LEDS.

The combination of the tight eight degrees beam together with individual pixels create outstanding visual effects. Both RGBW colour mixing for a complete array and individual pixel control offer an extensive range of colours – from pastel to saturation, including pre-calibrated chromatics of whites, variable CTO, Tungsten effects, fast power blinding strobe and smooth dimming. Manual tilt settings provide adjustment from -50 degrees to +90 degrees.


Robin CycFX 4 continues the success story of CycFX 8.

This versatile fixture with an amazing wide zoom and fast 270 degree motorised tilt movement comes in a 500mm long strip. The compact size and lightweight aluminium housing means it can be precisely-positioned, indexed or programmed to produce rapid sweeping eight degree beams moving smoothly into wide 67 degree wash coverage or utilize tungsten effects.

Pixel control possibilities allow pixel mapping while internal pre-programmed colour macros make this fixture quick and easy to program even on a more traditional lighting desk. Tungsten lamp emulation and fade effects at 2700K and 3200K are included. Wireless technology CRMX is available as an option.

ROBIN ParFect 100

The ParFect 100 is an LED source ACL beam available at an affordable price and manufactured in Europe.

This unit is a static version of the successful 100 LEDBeam and retains all the key features including both CMY and RGBW colour control, Tungsten emulation, Zone FX, selectable and variable colour temperatures and the powerful punchy 7° beam.

The compact and lightweight moulded composite unit is complete with a combined hanging bracket / floor stand. Wireless DMX, clip-on diffusion filters and detachable barndoors are available at an additional cost.

Robe at LDI 2014Robe at LDI 2014

19th November 2014

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