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Sennheiser UK takes the high road to PLASA Glasgow

Sennheiser UK takes the high road to PLASA Glasgow
Sennheiser UK takes the high road to PLASA Glasgow

UK - This December sees Sennheiser UK head to Scotland for the inagural PLASA Glasgow, which is being held on the 2nd and 3rd at the SECC, Glasgow. Stand C04 will see the company showing products from its distributed brands including the K-array Kamoflague wall, DAS Artec series loudpeakers, Apart Audiocontrol12.8 and its own LSP 500 wireless loudspeaker.

K-array Kamoflage was developed by Sennheiser UK in response to the need for an ‘invisitble’ loudspeaker system. This unique solution enables K-array loudspeakers to blend into any background or mounting surface, making them an attractive proposition for audio system designers tasked with installing loudspeakers into sensitive locations.

Available in both powered and passive configurations, the Artec series from DAS spans ten models, five of which are self-powered: the Artec 506A, 526A, 508A, 510A, and S15A subwoofer.

Featuring Class D, 720 W peak power amplifiers in all self-powered models except the Artec S15A (which has a Class D, 2000 W peak), the new Artec series powered loudspeakers deliver the proven point source performance Artec loudspeakers have long been recognized for eliminating the necessity of external power amplification.

With passive models including the Artec 506, 526, 508, 510, and S15 subwoofer, Artec includes a wide range of transducer complements designed to address almost any sound reinforcement application, either portable or fixed.

The new Apart Audiocontrol12.8, meanwhile, is a unique multi-zone system that can be deployed by users with varying audio experience.

The out of the box configuration requires no programming, but is also easily configurable via the installer mode in the intuitive and user friendly Graphical Installer Interface (GII). Expert level certified people can use the AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 at full strength. Via the GII they have access to all DSP settings and can program the unit so that it does exactly what they want it to do and configurations can be saved/backed up and transferred to other AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 units.

Finally, Sennheiser’s LSP 500 PRO loudspeaker is an innovative wireless product that dramatically reduces installation times on any event. Not only does the wireless LSP 500 PRO eliminate the need for time-consuming laying of cables, Sennheiser also provides an app that enables up to 20 loudspeakers to be remotely controlled at the same time.

Each Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO can take up to three receivers for wireless microphones, and each also has a combined socket for a 6.3 mm jack plug and an XLR-3 connector for using a wired microphone. Thre is also a USB connector and a Bluetooth interface as well as an AUX input and output.

Every LSP 500 PRO has a built-in music player that enables music to be played directly from an external device via the USB connector or the Bluetooth interface. The music player also has a convenient recording function which allows audio input to be recorded directly on a USB device.

Each LSP 500 has two rechargeable batteries but uses only one of them to supply power at any time. That ensures reliable operation and an operating period for the LSP 500 PRO of up to seven hours. 

28th November 2014

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