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The Design Oasis Adds Nexus Aw 7x7 to Inventory for America’s Got Talent

The Design Oasis Adds Nexus Aw 7x7 to Inventory for America’s Got Talent

USA - A rising star in the cross rental market, The Design Oasis has more than doubled in size over the past two years. Along the way, it’s been involved in some plum projects like The Orange Bowl Halftime Show, the Bonnaroo Music Festival and concerts by superstars from Julio Iglesias to Steve Angello. A key reason why is the company’s commitment to keeping its production company clients happy. A case in point is the rental house’s purchase of 96 Chauvet Professional Nexus Aw 7x7 panels, which are now being used in the lighting rig on the America’s Got Talent TV programme.

"We’re a service-centric company, so we do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers, whether this means staying open all weekend or making a commitment to new products that are in the forefront of technology," said Luccas Oliveira who co-founded The Design Oasis with partner Abbas Ritscher. "The Nexus Aw 7x7 impressed us as soon as we saw it. We were blown away by its intense sharp beams, and immediately thought there were a million ways this light could contribute to concert and broadcast designs."

Oliveira and Ritscher weren’t alone in their enthusiasm. Freemantle Media and lighting designer Joshua Hutchings wanted the LED fixture for America’s Got Talent. "We added 96 panels to our inventory, and immediately placed them on America’s Got Talent," said Daniele Alfonso, the director of sales at The Design Oasis. "It’s exciting to have the lights used in a design by such an esteemed LD for such a popular TV programme."

Featuring 49 3-watt warm white LEDs, the Nexus Aw 7x7 produces narrow beams of intense light, making it an ideal audience blinder. "The panels are great blinders, but they go beyond that," said Oliveira. "They’re also excellent warm washes, plus their colour temperature and smooth dimming curve make them excel as broadcast lights. We’re confident we’re going to place them in a variety of applications."

Adding to the versatility of the Nexus Aw 7x7 is its capability as a pixel mapped effect. Text, animated graphics and video images can readily be pixel mapped on the panels. Like all Nexus products, the panels can be controlled by Art-Net, Kling-Net or DMX.

"We were very excited when we added the Nexus Aw 7x7 to our Nexus family because we knew we had a product that could do so many different things so well in such a wide variety of applications," said Albert Chauvet, president of Chauvet Lighting. "It feels good to see a dynamic rental house like The Design Oasis believing in the light too. Then to have the panels used in a design by an LD of Joshua Hutchings’ stature on a programme like America’s Got Talent is really an honor. It makes us feel that all the long hours spent perfecting this fixture was well worth the effort."

6th November 2014

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