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The Y-Series lands in Madrid

The Y-Series lands in Madrid

Spain - BITAM 2014, the international show of Broadcast, IT, Audio and Media in Spain is the event to see the brand new Y-Series from d&b audiotechnik. Held on November 26 - 28 at the Hotel Auditorium of Madrid, conveniently adjacent to the Airport, this is the venue to visit for a close up and personal look at the newest products from d&b. Coupling, the d&b audiotechnik sales partner in Madrid will be exhibiting the D80 amplifier, the elegant xC-Series column loudspeakers and the latest in d&b loudspeaker technology, the Y-Series.

With utility and flexibility in mind, the design of the new Y-Series from d&b audiotechnik presents both point source and line array loudspeakers. The Y7P and Y10P point source and the Y8 and Y12 line array modules each feature two 8" drivers with neodymium magnets mounted in a dipolar arrangement around a 1.4" compression driver. All models are passively crossed over, keeping amplifier channels to a minimum.

The Y-Series line array modules bear more than a passing resemblance to their larger cousins, the V and J-Series. All three Series have the same rigging design, while the new Y8 and Y12 share the familiar 80° and 120° horizontal dispersion characteristics, with horizontal dispersion control down to 500 Hz. In keeping with the V and J tradition the Y-SUB is cardioid, can be ground stacked or flown, and extends frequency response down to 39 Hz.

While sharing the same LF driver arrangement, the Y7P and Y10P incorporate a rotatable CD horn on the 1.4" compression driver to enable deployment either horizontally or vertically, offering 75° x 40° and 110° x 40° (h x v) respectively. These point source loudspeakers are complimented by the B6-SUB, a single 18" bass-reflex design with a frequency response down to 37 Hz.

Yi installation specific versions, available in all Y-Series models, are designed for permanent applications, differing only in cabinet construction and mounting hardware. The Y-Series conforms to the d&b workflow comprising ArrayCalc simulation software, R1 Remote control software and d&b amplifiers.

Both the Y-Series and the xC-Series will be available for listening in the nearby demo room. These clever passive column speakers are part of the White range. The 16C and the 24C along with the 24C-E extension will be available for inspection. The 24C features a unique passive HF array, enabling the user to adjust the 20° vertical dispersion between 0° and -14°

to target audience listening areas. Tackling problems of a different kind, the 4" drivers of the xC-Series are arranged in a unique cardioid setup, providing a constant directivity pattern of 90° in the horizontal plane and a broadband attenuation to the rear of 18 db.

For anyone who wants to make the most of the d&b product range, the 'd&b Workflow' seminar will be presented by Juanma de Casas from d&b audiotechnik ES. This demonstrates the unique integration of d&b ArrayCalc simulation software, the R1 Remote control software and d&b amplifiers. By exporting data from one program to the other, the user no longer needs to manually input information into R1, saving valuable time and effort.

Alongside Enric Esteve and Juanma Tuixans from Coupling will be David Roselló, general manager from d&b ES to welcome visitors and answer queries and questions.

Roselló comments: "BITAM is a great opportunity to see the latest additions to the d&b family. The Y-Series can provide flexible and configurable solutions, even in the most arduous sound reinforcement situations: theatre, broadcast, live shows, corporate and religious events - applications all demanding strict qualities in the performance, look and feel of a loudspeaker. Similarly, the xC-Series provides the solution for the most acoustically challenging environments whilst maintaining an inconspicuous profile. And, of course, behind the loudspeakers sits the powerful four channel D80 amplifier; right at the very heart of any d&b audiotechnik system."

6th November 2014

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