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Visual Productions launches Cuety at LDI, Las Vegas

Visual Productions launches Cuety at LDI, Las Vegas

USA - LDI 2014 sees Visual Productions exhibiting with their range of lighting control software for Mac, PC and Linux and solid-state hardware controllers including the CueCore.

Visual Productions will also be launching and demonstrating the eagerly awaited Cuety iPad lighting control system. Cuety is a new generation lighting controller that turns your iPad into a powerful lighting console. With the growing usage of tablets in place of laptops, Visual Productions recognized the need for convenient, affordable lighting control solutions to use on these mobile devices.

Cuety is designed for the entry-level entertainment market, therefore it is easy to use and budget friendly. Cuety enables you to take full advantage of the iPad’s mobility and ultitouch display. The controller has full support for moving heads, LEDs, conventional lighting and DMX controlled special effects.

The system architecture of the Cuety App and its LPU hardware is designed for robustness. The unique feature of Cuety is that the compact LPU contains the engine that runs your show, calculates fade times and renders dynamic FXs. The Cuety app is just your user-interface. In the case of a WIFI interruption your show will go on.

The Visual Productions team welcome you to visit their Booth #1662 during LDI to see these innovative lighting controllers.

14th November 2014

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