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Void Transforms Chase and Status at Splott Warehouse

Void Transforms Chase and Status at Splott Warehouse
Void Transforms Chase and Status at Splott Warehouse

UK – Spartan Audio has supplied a Void Acoustics touring PA system for a series of live artists and EDM events at Cardiff’s Splott Warehouse. Following the roaring success of the Color Festival with Annie Mac, SecondCity, Redlight, and The Golden Boy held earlier in June, Splott Warehouse once again swapped market stalls for live music as it welcomed electronic duo Chase and Status, along with Dimension and Kove, to the South Wales venue in October.

As a well known, forward thinking audio production services company in the South Wales area staffed entirely by former sound engineers, Spartan Audio Visual was asked to provide a Void Acoustics system consisting of flown Arcline 6 line arrays and Stasys XV2 subwoofers for the 4,000 strong audience.

“From our considerable experience with Void systems we know that Arcline really delivers in terms of sonic quality, particularly for EDM events like these,” says Spartan’s financial director Thomas Viney. “It’s a reliable and well thought out design – small, transportable, and powerful.”

In total, eight Arcline 6 boxes were flown per side, with eight ground stacked Stasys XV2 subwoofers run mostly as a mono sub-bass block. These were supplemented by Nexus 6 infills. Air Motions and Arcline X DJ monitors, as well as Impluse 4t floor wedges, made up the high level monitoring system. The PA was powered by Lab.gruppen PLM series, Powersoft, and Crown amplifiers, and processed by Void Acoustics Livedrives.

“Arcline’s constant HF waveguide, controlled dispersion characteristics, and high fidelity make this system ideal,” comments Viney, “and the low frequency extension of the Stasys XV2 subs is just insane! Air Motions are simply the best DJ monitors around, they sound and look the bomb!”

Normally during the week the Splott Market rings only to the familiar shouts of the stall seller, with the food market running right up to 1pm on event day – and then it is totally transformed.

“Doors are open at 2pm on the Saturday, so we have to make a lightning quick turnaround of the site to accommodate punters,” explains Viney. “There’s a market on the following morning at the usual time, so all the kit has to be de-rigged and off site by 4am latest.

“We have to take into consideration that this a residential area, and we specified the system with that in mind although we had plenty in the tank. At front of house we peaked at ‘A’ weighted 110dB at 25 metres from the PA and for most of the day we were running at 98db to 105dB to keep within the environmental constraints. There are also residents living fairly close to the rear of stage location, and so we added some delays into certain subs and altered their placement, resulting in some back cancellation and keeping the perimeter below a very acceptable 70db. Although we had a few calls at the earlier Colorfest event in June, this time – nothing.

“The organisers love the Void speakers and were surprised that boxes so small could deliver a sound so immense. The top end of the system has such high fideility, compared to most other products we have used over the years. The sub element is simply unmatched by any other cabinet in the market of its size.”

Viney is confident that the audio formula is right and that Spartan will be repeating several events of this nature next year. “Although we’re only in our sixth year of trading we have consistently reinvested in bigger and better loudspeaker products,” he says. “Having given some of the better-known brands a try we wanted to consolidate on one manufacturer, and after careful research we found the Void Acoustics brand and haven’t looked back.

“The sonic quality, design, and people on the team really stood out to us. We feel they can best represent us in our objectives, which include providing awesome sound systems for live events.”

Photos: Jon Plimmer.

25th November 2014

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