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CT supply AV services for the Clothes Show Live catwalk

CT supply AV services for the Clothes Show Live catwalk

UK - The annual Clothes Show Live provides five days’ worth of all things fashion and beauty and this year marks the second time Creative Technology (CT) has supplied the Birmingham-based event which involves up to six shows a day for the five-day duration.

To create the stunning backdrop to the catwalk, hiding the backstage area whilst also providing two walkthroughs to the stage, CT staggered a total of five LED screens; three of which were curved. The excellent colour rendition of these screens was voiced by the graphics content producer who commented on the cohesion between his iMac screen and the LED version. And using a Spyder system, CT had the ability to mix the pixel-mapped content and cameras across the LED surfaces. This set-up provided a visually dynamic yet functional display which enabled each part of the 30 or so 40 minute shows to be themed.

Whilst the models were walking down the catwalk, CT used a four camera PPU and a minicam. This enabled close-up details of the clothes to be relayed to the two LED displays at either side of the stage, adding to the audience’s experience of the live event.

Behind the scenes, CT was also involved in the show’s production. Two backstage relay screens displaying a wide shot with a burnt-in time code were installed. This enabled the choreographers to get the models and dancers out onto the stage at the precise designed time and then track their progress while on the catwalk.

22nd December 2014

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