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PLASA Public Review: ANSI E1.23 Up for Reaffirmation

Check it out! ANSI E1.23 - 2010, Entertainment Technology - Design and Execution of Theatrical Fog Effects, is up for reaffirmation. Does it still work? Then say "Yes" to reaffirmation. Does it need changing? Then say "No" to reaffirmation and report what needs to be changed and how it needs to be changed.

The public review materials for the reaffirmation of ANSI E1.23 are posted at Note that the "Review End Date" is the date on which the public review is over, finished, done. It is over when that day starts, so please submit any comments you have before the January 26 turns into January 27.

For more information, please contact Karl G. Ruling, PLASA Technical Standards Manager, 630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 609, New York, NY 10036 USA tel 1-212-244-1505.

18th December 2014

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