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Second MA 3D contest hosted in Brazil

Second MA 3D contest hosted in Brazil

Brazil - Under the wise guidance of jurors Alarico Sanchez, Césio Lima, Daniel Ridano, Danny Nolan, Francesco Romagnoli and Marcos Olívio, the second MA 3D contest was hosted in São Paulo, Brazil.

The first day of the contest started with a grandMA2 Advanced User Training course accompanied by a lecture by renowned lighting designer Danny Nolan in the evening. During the lecture Nolan illustrated his personal approach to designing a show.

The following day focused on the actual contest, starting with the 29 participants presenting their projects which had been programmed using the MA 3D software. From here, 12 participants made it to the second round on the following and final day. Throughout this final day, the contestants could illustrate their show on a real stage equipped with Clay Paky moving lights.

After this final presentation, the winners were announced:

1st prize: an MA onPC command wing went to Erich Bertti

2nd prize: an MA 2Port Node 1K went to Douglas Junio

3rd prize: a merchandising kit from MA Lighting/Clay Paky went to Leonardo de Oliveira

Participant Herbert Santos da Silva commented: "For me, it was like a dream coming true, because I live in Manaus, Amazon, and things come slowly to us! I was so happy to take part in the competition and will always be thankful for this opportunity! I was there watching people that I admire and see in magazines and dream about working with. It really moved me because I live so far away and many people did not believe that one day I would be using a grandMA2. I will never forget the three days I spent with all the guys. Thanks - from the bottom of my heart - goes to Daniel Ridano and his staff!"

The event ended with a dance presentation performed by MiM Produço?s and a party, also with the support of MiM Produço?s.

MA Lighting and Clay Paky were the sponsors of the event that was realised by Lbits Ltda and MA Lighting Latin America.

In picture: Douglas Junio, Leonardo de Oliveira, Ansgar von Garrel (MA Lighting International), Césio Lima, Marcos Olívio, Erich Bertti, Danny Nolan, Alarico Sanchez, Daniel Ridano (MA Lighting Latin America) and Francesco Romagnoli (Clay Paky).

9th December 2014

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