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W-DMX on stage with Norwegian band Seigmen

W-DMX on stage with Norwegian band Seigmen
W-DMX on stage with Norwegian band Seigmen

Sweden – W-DMX by Wireless Solution Sweden AB recently joined legendary Norwegian alternative rock band Seigmen on stage for a three-day show in Tønsberg, Norway, lit with an impressive rig designed by lighting designer Petter Nilssen.

In total, five universes were run via W-DMX by Wireless Solution. Nilssen used W-DMX F-2500 G4 and three W-DMX BlackBox F-1 G4 MK2 units with 16 W-DMX Micro R-512 G4 receivers spread across four truss sections and the floor. The concert received fantastic reviews both in Norway and abroad.

Nilssen explained: “The reason for choosing W-DMX was to be able to not have several universes sent through the audience with cables, and to really test W-DMX in different situations. I used 5 DMX universes all sent wirelessly. The possibility to easily change the design without having to deal with a lot of cables that needed to change was also important.”   An ETC Cobalt 20 with two ETC 4-port nodes was located at FOH for control with outgoing W-DMX ProBox F-2500 G4. The stage was outfitted with 12 Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20, 18 Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K10, eight Clay Paky A.leda K10, six Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 300, seven Clay Paky Stormys, seven Clay Paky Stormy CCs, six Martin Atomic strobes, six Pixelbar 12s, 48 Dims with different generics and two MDG ATMes. Equipment was supplied by Spekter Lyd & Lys and Elektrik Solutions.

Nilssen said: “I’m really happy with using Wireless Solution products. I have now been touring with the system for about a year and often Wireless Solution helps me rather than make trouble in a venue that so many people are afraid of. Often when I’m on tour I can have a local supplier that will deliver different kinds of cheap knock-off products in the rig. More and more I often have problems with the local rig when I put the DMX cable in the console. The rig starts blinking and I have no control over it. I always have with me a spare universe from Wireless Solution with a micro transceiver and some micro receivers. When this kind of trouble happens I always change from cable to W-DMX and the problem is gone. Because of all the new technologies that are in the new consoles on the market today like RDM and so on, the different products from cheap manufacturers often start to live their own life. With Wireless Solution I take away the grounding and the problem is gone and all the cheap LEDs can live a little longer. Get rid of you cables and get yourself wireless!”

photo: Elektrik Solutions and Silke Jochum.

22nd December 2014

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