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Skydeck Installation at the Park Theatre

Skydeck Installation at the Park Theatre
Skydeck Installation at the Park Theatre

UK - Hall Stage designed, manufactured and installed the SkyDeck grid system at the Park Theatre, a new theatre opened in May 2013 at Finsbury Park, London.

The theatre was created from a vacant office block and includes a 200-seat main house and a smaller 90-seat studio. Hall Stage worked closely with Jez Bond, the artistic director, and David Hughes Architects, the building designer, to manufacture and install a bespoke SkyDeck grid system into this unique venue.

The SkyDeck grid system is ideal for the venue, having no effect on the skylights used to light the venue spaces during the day and allowing full access across the main theatre space for rigging and lighting.

The grid system for the main Park200 theatre includes a number of custom panels to achieve the required shapes - including two trapezoidal panels. There are also two SkyDeck panels with incorporated hinged access hatches that allow the theatre staff to raise and lower larger lights and other equipment quickly, easily and safely up to or from the grid level.

The panels were manufactured and delivered to site at an early stage in the project, which allowed the works to close the front of the building to proceed without delay to the overall building schedule.

The main theatre grid also includes integrated walkways that where designed using the SkyDeck modular philosophy. The 24mm ply topped walkway panels are set at a different level to the main wire grid panels, but through carefully planned design, both are picked up from the same hangers. This meant that the entire grid system was installed using the same modular hangers and fixings, attached directly to the main structural steelwork via plates and brackets fitted during the steelwork construction phase of the project.

Hall Stage designed, manufactured and installed the access ladders that run from the lower stage level, through the Circles and up to the grid. Hall Stage also provided a technical gantry / walkway in the smaller Park90 Studio Theatre. The design of the walkways in Park200 was carried through to the Park90 walkway, meaning the 8-panel gantry was also installed using the same modular hanger system as the main wire grid.

The design incorporates handrails that are fixed to the vertical hangers, with removable sections of handrail to allow the sound and light desks to be used in a suitable position – on custom support tables design to fit to the remaining rails. The gantry is accessed via another Hall Stage access ladder, with a custom fabricated gate entry onto the walkway.

27th March 2014

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