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Midas XL48 Praised by Wigwam Acoustics Ltd

Midas XL48 Praised by Wigwam Acoustics Ltd

The Midas XL48 has quickly become the go-to, add-on microphone preamp for Wigwam Acoustics Ltd. In fact, the company is proud to be the first UK rental facility to offer the 8-channel microphone preamp within its rental stock.

“Since we bought it, our Midas XL48 has constantly been in use” says Alex Hadjigeorgiou, Wigwam’s resident digital specialist. “McFly, Steps and Ronan Keating have all toured with it, and it’s my favourite way of adding eight extra channels to any mixing console, partly because I don’t have to 'sell' the idea to the engineer. They all respect Midas preamps, especially the XL4 preamps!”

“Hadj”, as he’s known to his friends, recommends and uses the XL48: “If the main console has 48 mic inputs, but the requirement is up to 56, adding an extra stage rack for just a few extra mics can be expensive and inefficient. Instead, the XL48 provides the extra inputs via any spare analogue line input on the console. In addition, all five outputs can operate simultaneously – two AES, two ADAT and line level analogue. There is a lot more to the XL48 than just eight mic pres in a box!”

Speaking to the XL48’s build quality, Hadj continued: “It comes in a solid, metal case; the rotaries and switches are robust and feel right – and it has a versatile, but straightforward, word clock. And since it comes from Midas, you know the XL48 is road-worthy and worry free.”

Midas XL48 applications include: portable recording rigs, analogue and/or digital splits between consoles – or anywhere highest quality signal integrity is demanded. Additionally, the eight legendary Midas mic preamps in the XL48 provide an instant improvement over the input stages of any digital console – not to mention XL48’s built-in world-class converters and reference-grade word clock.

“Wigwam has a well-respected history as the professional leader in major artist and touring production equipment for hire, and offers sales and installation to their customers as well,” stated Graham Rolands, Music Group’s VP of professional division: “The XL48 is based on the legendary XL4 microphone preamps and is considered the industry’s best preamp. We are getting incredible feedback and customers praise the XL48 for its amazingly pure and transparent sound. We are extremely proud to work with the prestigious Wigwam company and the fact that the XL48 has now become part of their standard operating equipment.”

15th April 2014

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