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Philips Vari-Lite Takes VL4000 “No Compromises” Slogan to the Extreme

Philips Vari-Lite Takes VL4000 “No Compromises” Slogan to the Extreme
Philips Vari-Lite Takes VL4000 “No Compromises” Slogan to the Extreme

Dallas, Texas – Philips Vari-Lite is proud to announce a significant change to the recently debuted VL4000 Spot Luminaire with the high output capability of the original VL4000GT Spot having now been engineered into the VL4000 Spot to provide customers with one powerful and dynamic model.  By working with Philips lamp technology, the new VL4000 Spot will retain the all same design features but will now output at a greater level than originally announced with the ability to achieve more than 33,000 lumens from the 1200W lamp.  Additionally, a new selectable Studio mode now allows designers and technicians to reduce the noise level of the luminaire and operate with an output of 25,000 lumens when desired.

“While the original plan was to have two different models, we listened to our customer base and managed to facilitate the features of both fixtures into a single VL4000 Spot luminaire,” said Brad Schiller, Philips Vari-Lite Product Segment Manager.  “By providing a single luminaire that is capable of meeting the original specifications of both models, we truly are providing a luminaire without compromises.”

The VL4000 Spot Luminaire is based on a Philips 1200W Fast-Fit lamp and includes a 9-47 degree zoom, the all new Infinity color mix system, dual rotating gobo wheels, two adjustable animation wheels, framing shutters, an independent rotating prism with divergence control, variable frost and more.  The VL4000 Spot luminaire was created using state-of-the-art technology to bring new features and innovation to productions around the world.   With low ambient noise, high lumen output, amazing optics and a full feature set, the VL4000 Spot redefines automated lighting by offering unlimited possibilities without compromises.

For additional information, the Philips Vari-Lite website ( and the VL4000 Spot mini-site ( have been updated with all the current specifications of the new VL4000 Spot Luminaire.  Contact your Philips Vari-Lite Authorized Dealer or Regional Sales Manager to add the VL4000 Spot Luminaire to your inventory.

24th April 2014

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