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Pointes Provide Perfect Match at Baya'ar Venue

Pointes Provide Perfect Match at Baya\'ar Venue
Pointes Provide Perfect Match at Baya\'ar Venue

Israel - Israel’s leading wedding venue Baya’ar (in the Woods) set in lush and beautiful woodland in Hadera about 30 minutes’ drive north of Tel Aviv, has always prided itself in offering the best possible environment and production values for its clients.

This unique venue can accommodate up to 1000 guests for ceremonies, receptions, serviced or buffet dinners, dancing and entertainment and is independently owned by Neer Schaffer, Ohad Segal and Omer Segal. It has recently invested in a completely new lighting rig including 84 Robe Pointes and eight LEDWash 600s, an installation which helps set it apart from other wedding venues around the globe. This is currently the largest installation of Pointes in Israel, and the equipment was delivered to Baya’ar by Robe’s Israeli distributor, Danor.

The main room at Baya’ar – built eight years ago - is an impressive glass paneled structured designed to let in as much natural light as possible and enable a clear view all-around of the gardens, giving the impression of being outdoors even in the winter season.

Just outside, the real ‘outdoors’ yields large, meticulously planted, developed and maintained landscaped gardens, replete with fabulous foliage, bursting with colour and life … which also make an idyllic setting for ceremonies during the summer.

Servicing around 200 weddings a year, the time had come to replace the previous main room lighting rig installed eight years ago, and Baya’ar’s owners wanted the very best technology for their installation.

They consulted Danor, with whom they have worked on a previous venue as well as Baya’ar’s Lighting Designer Micha Margalit, who has a long and illustrious history as a designer of concerts, events and installations in Israel.

"This is a ‘host’ business," explains Neer Schaffer, "so a large part of telling the story of all the weddings and special days taking place in here is the lighting. It helps build, maintain and vary the atmosphere throughout the day and night for all guests, as well as enhancing the setting for photographers and videographers. Their recordings and images will leave lasting impressions and be remembered for many years to come."

In choosing Robe, the owners certainly didn’t take the cheapest option … and that was because they wanted "The best" technology available so they can offer the very best service - a quality with which Baya’ar is synonymous - to their clients.

Schaffer continues: "We really want people to be excited by the venue and to give them something unique and different in terms of presentation."

They had actually been looking out for a new fixture to replace their previous moving lights for around three years. When the Danor team returned from Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt last year and demonstrated The Pointe, both at their showroom at Hod Hasharon and then on site at Baya’ar, they and Micha Margalit all decided that this was ‘their light’.

Margalit comments: "Baya’ar is surrounded by nature and ecology and lighting has always been an important production aspect helping to bring the space alive. We needed a highly flexible fixture that could give subtle and soft lighting for the ceremonies, classy illumination for the dining phases of the event and then go completely crazy for the dancing sessions and entertainment. We waited a long time for something special to come up, and that was The Pointe!"

With so many different features available, The Pointe is perfect for the venue and the new installation helps make it stand out even more, in the process creating new standards in Israel.

The Baya’ar Pointes were delivered by Danor complete with some custom gobo and colour elements, and Danor’s technicians also installed them in the roof of the venue. Another reason for selecting Robe was the excellent service and support from Danor.

photos: Louise Stickland

8th April 2014

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