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A New Draft PLASA Standard Posted for Public Review

BSR E1.46, Recommended Practice for the Prevention of Falls from Theatrical Stages and Raised Performance Platforms, has been added to PLASA's public review website at Its public review period runs through July 14, 2014; the review is over and the links to the review materials disappear when July 15 starts.

BSR E1.46 has been written to address the very real problem of people falling from theatrical stages and raised platforms. Falling into an orchestra pit, an open stage trap, or similar openings in stage floors can lead to debilitating injuries, a lifetime of pain, and sometimes death. Health and safety regulations require action to prevent these falls-there is no exemption from fall protection for the entertainment industry-but these regulations offer little guidance that is suitable for theatrical environments. This document attempts to provide that guidance and to combat the notion that the risk of injury or death from falling off a stage is an unavoidable part of show business.

23rd May 2014

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