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All Set: Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference (ITEAC)

All Set: Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference (ITEAC)
All Set: Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference (ITEAC)

With the fourth International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference upon us, the ITEAC 2014 team is working with ETNow once again. Together we hope to showcase this three-day event to our readership. ITEAC 2014 builds on the success of the three previous events, which have all been well attended by delegates from around the world.

Changes to this year’s Conference include the programming of a significant keynote address and collective wrap up session each day, with American Tod Machover, "America’s most wired composer" (Los Angeles Times) and Kjetil Thorsen, founding partner of renowned Oslo and New York architectural practice Snøhetta, opening the first and second days respectively. TAIT president and partner, Adam Davis, who will present the third address on Tuesday, completes the keynote trio.

The programming of the editorial board reflects the gravitational shift since the last conference in where new performances spaces are being planned and built, with the emergence of projects in China and the Middle East a welcome addition to the global market.

With speakers already announced from China, Canada, Japan, India, the US and Europe, ITEAC 2014 is shaping up to be the place to be in June.

Do you have a topic, a rant, an idea or an issue you want to quickly raise and present?

The editorial board is open to virtually any idea from registered delegates for interesting and entertaining presentations, to be included in a couple of rapid quick fire sessions just before lunch on Tuesday.

A selection of sessions:

Building Management & Operating Systems

How is advancement in technology influencing how arts buildings are operated? What is the future need and at what point in the planning and design process should consideration be made and by whom?

Under Stage Systems - Out of Sight and Out of Use?

Under stage complex lift systems have been installed in many opera houses and other theatres. Are they worth the money spent? How best can we engineer stage systems to facilitate and inspire the new generation of theatre designers? How can we provide configurable stage systems?

Maintenance & Renewal

An increasing number of theatres are being equipped with advanced engineering systems. Unlike the simple counterweight systems that have gone before these systems require increased maintenance, and ongoing service/replacement. What should be considered when implementing and running these systems?

Flexible Theatres

Crazy demands are made for flexibility in theatres. Does it ever really work well, or is it always a compromise? We will hear speakers from noted flexible theatres, which have been running for a few decades and ask what formats are actually used. What works well? What are the maintenance nightmares?

ITEAC takes place June 8-10 at Senate House, University of London.

In picture: Adam Davis, president and partner, TAIT.

22nd May 2014

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