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Bandit Brings Light To Hope In The Dark Charity With Little Big Town

Bandit Brings Light To Hope In The Dark Charity With Little Big Town
Bandit Brings Light To Hope In The Dark Charity With Little Big Town

Knoxville - Not having access to clean water is not an issue most Americans struggle with, but for millions in Africa, it is a daily battle. Allison Burchett, Bandit Lites’ drector of philanthropy, worked with the Blood: Water Mission to bring about the Hope in the Dark benefit April 23 at the Knoxville Convention Center. Supporters raised over $220,000 while Grammy award winning country music stars, and Bandit Lites’ clients, Little Big Town performed.

Bandit has provided support for Blood: Water events for years, as they work to assist victims of HIV/AIDS and to aid the water crisis throughout Africa. Founded by Jars of Clay, Blood: Water has brought 819,000 people clean water and served more than 49,000 patients in HIV-prevalent areas.

Bandit Lites’ Giff Swart helped to create the design, using Bandit’s own GRN LED Moving Wash, GRN LED Pars and Mac 2000 Pro 2s on two sticks of truss, while Little Big Town’s lighting designer Chris Shrom used a GrandMA console to run the concert lighting.

“The fact that Little Big Town takes time out of their incredibly busy schedule to stay involved with this charity that we have all come to know and love, really speaks to their character and what generous people they are, and also to the mission of Blood: Water and how important it truly is,” said Allison Burchett. “Bandit is so proud to be involved with both Little Big Town and Blood: Water, both incredible groups doing incredible things.”

The lighting was used to create an earthy feel using trees surrounded by foliage placed around the room, strategically lit with Blood: Water’s logo colours. Oranges and reds from the lighting rig lit the ceiling which made the room feel like a calm sunset, welcoming evening.

“This show is always one of my favorites to be involved in,” said lighting designer Chris Shrom. “The people are nice and the event goes to benefit communities in Africa, digging wells that provide them with safe, clean water. It is a great mission. Once the communities can stop spending so much time carrying buckets miles upon miles to get water, they have more time for things like schooling, healthcare… all the little things that we take for granted here in the United States.”

"I can't imagine Hope in the Dark without the involvement of Bandit Lites,” said Mike Hamilton, Blood: Water’s president of engagement and host of the Hope in the Dark. “This event to raise funds for work in Africa has raised over $1 million in five years while utilising three different venues and multiple musical artists. Bandit's involvement and presence elevated the event in every case. Their staff is attentive, professional, knowledgeable and forward thinking. The utilisation of their lighting creativity brought 'brilliance' to our organisation's events and set us apart in the marketplace. We are grateful for their longstanding friendship."

1st May 2014

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